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Case Study: Autohof Homberg-Efze Deploys 11 NoviSign Digital Menu Boards

Autohof Homberg-Efze, a popular highway rest stop and restaurant in Germany, recently upgraded its customer experience by deploying 11 digital menu boards from NoviSign Digital Signage. This initiative aimed to enhance visibility, improve order efficiency, and modernize the dining atmosphere. This case study examines this technological upgrade’s deployment process, challenges, and outcomes.


Project Background

Autohof Homberg-Efze has long been a critical stop for travelers and truck drivers seeking a convenient dining option. However, the traditional static menu boards were becoming a bottleneck, causing delays in order processing and limiting the ability to update content swiftly in response to changing customer preferences or inventory levels.


The primary goals of the digital menu board deployment were to:

  • Enhance Customer Experience: Improve the clarity and attractiveness of displayed menus.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency: Streamline menu updates and promote special offers more effectively.
  • Boost Sales: Drive impulse purchases through dynamic content and promotions.


After evaluating several options, Autohof Homberg-Efze chose NoviSign Digital Signage for its reliability, ease of use, and robust feature set. The solution included:

  • 11 High-Definition Digital Screens: Strategically placed across the dining area and order counter.
  • Cloud-Based Content Management: Enabling real-time menu updates from any location.
  • Dynamic Content Capabilities: Allowing animations and interactive elements to attract customer attention.


The deployment was carried out in three main phases:

  • Infrastructure Assessment and Planning: Ensuring compatibility of existing electrical and network setups with the new system.
  • Installation: Physical installation of screens and integration with the restaurant’s IT environment.
  • Staff Training and Content Creation: Train staff on the new system and create initial menu designs and promotional content.


The project encountered several challenges:

  • Menu Set Up: Ensuring seamless integration to synchronize menu changes and pricing.
  • Design Consistency: Maintaining brand consistency across digital and physical marketing materials.
  • Staff Adaptation: Overcoming initial resistance from staff accustomed to traditional methods.


Since the installation of the digital menu boards, Autohof Homberg-Efze has noted several immediate benefits:

  • Increased Flexibility: Items can be easily updated, and new promotions can be added on the fly
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Feedback indicates that customers appreciate the more precise, dynamic presentation of menu options.
  • Operational Efficiency: Menu updates that took hours can now be accomplished in minutes.


The deployment of NoviSign Digital Menu Boards at Autohof Homberg-Efze has markedly enhanced the dining experience for customers and streamlined operations for staff. This case exemplifies how digital signage can transform customer interactions in a restaurant setting, proving a valuable investment for the future of hospitality businesses.

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