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Laughlin Bullhead International Airport

Improving Passenger Experiences to Streamline Airport Travel Using Digital Signage
From providing accurate flight departure and gate information to offering destination arrival weather forecasts, learn how Laughlin Bullhead International Airport (Arizona state, U.S.A.) deployed charter service departure displays.

Laughlin Bullhead international airport

The challenge

In traditional airports, the flight information screens you see provide the time, gate information, flight number, and destination city. This data is fed through a pre-programmed system that the FAA offers. The flight plans and data are created months in advance, and automated feeds are generated for flight information screens.

With Charter flights, the flight times and data are created and managed separately from the FAA. The data resides in a separate database, and flight feeds are not available. As a result, Laughlin Bullhead needed a solution to securely pull the flight data from the Charter database and transmit the information in real-time to their screens.

The Solution

Laughlin Bullhead had been searching for years for a solution to this unique issue. Most flight data display companies would offer to attempt to make something work; however, none of them could guarantee a solution. After doing a quick Google search for “Airport Digital Signage“, Laughlin came across NoviSign and scheduled a demo.

Within 30-days of the demo, NoviSign created a turnkey integration connected with the Charter Airlines database. The integration enabled all flight data to populate across all flight information screens throughout the airport automatically.

The Results

The final solution streamlined the way passengers received on-demand flight information with minimal supervision or additional airport staff tasks. Two hours before the scheduled departure time, NoviSign automatically pulled and played current flight information and what gate they will be boarding from. When the flight departs, the screens go back to a general airport information screen until the next flight.

Laughlin Bullhead international airport


NoviSign is a digital signage platform that we use to show time-sensitive data critical to our passengers. Their engineering team set up an easy-to-manage spreadsheet with data points that we update once a month with Charter flight details. All of the information seamlessly updates on time, and our staff can easily make on-the-fly changes to content in real-time.

Daniel Hugo
Fire Captain / Operations
Laughlin Bullhead Int. Airport

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