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Caribbean Airline Tropic Air Deploys NoviSign Digital Signage Flight Status Display Boards at Terminals in Belize Airport

Tropic Air, a premier airline in the Caribbean, deploys cutting-edge digital signage flight status display boards across its terminals. These innovative displays provide real-time updates on flight schedules, gate information, and other relevant travel details, ensuring passengers are informed and up-to-date throughout their journey. This modernization effort further underscores Tropic Air’s commitment to customer satisfaction, showcasing its dedication to delivering a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for all.


Tropic Air, a leading Caribbean airline based in Belize, faced challenges in efficiently communicating flight updates and essential airport information to passengers at its busy terminal in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye—traditional methods like announcements and manual displays needed to be more effective and often confused passengers.


Tropic Air collaborated with a digital signage solutions provider to deploy a comprehensive digital display system at their San Pedro Airport terminal. The solution included installing one tablet and three terminal flight status displays strategically placed within Tropic Air’s waiting area. The displays showcase real-time weather forecasts, airport-related information, and flight status updates.

Using an Android touchscreen tablet, Tropic Air staff could easily trigger a “Now Boarding” message to play on the designated terminal display, promptly notifying passengers of flight updates and boarding information.


  1. Improved Communication: The flight digital display boards significantly improved communication with passengers, providing real-time flight status updates and important airport information.
  2. Enhanced Passenger Experience: Passengers benefitted from a more seamless and organized boarding process, reducing stress and confusion.
  3. Operational Efficiency: Tropic Air staff could easily manage and update flight information using the tablet, reducing the need for manual announcements and displays.
  4. Cost-Savings: The digital display system provided a cost-effective alternative to traditional communication methods, improving operational efficiency.
  5. Increased Brand Visibility: The modern and innovative display solution enhanced Tropic Air’s brand visibility and reputation for providing excellent customer service.


Tropic Air, the leading airline in the Caribbean, tackled its communication hurdles head-on by implementing a state-of-the-art Flight Display digital display system at the San Pedro Airport terminal. This strategic move not only revolutionized passenger communication but also significantly elevated operational efficiency.

The digital flight display system streamlined the dissemination of crucial flight information, reducing confusion and enhancing the overall passenger experience. Furthermore, this initiative bolstered Tropic Air’s brand image, portraying the airline as innovative and customer-centric. By setting a new benchmark for regional airport communication, Tropic Air has underscored its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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