NoviSign digital signage Clear Channel France
Customer Case Study
Industry: Corporate
Application: Internal communications
Digital signage of Clear Channel France
Digital signage of Clear Channel France
  Digital updates across France
ClearChannel France feeds live updates across 37 offices centrally from Paris headquarters, bringing news, weather, internal corporate updates and morale-boosting images of their outdoor advertising screens.
ClearChannel’s operation in France, their second largest advertising market outside the USA, uses NoviSign to inform their employees on a daily basis across all 37 offices.
Regis Taine, Technical Director at ClearChannel France surveyed a range of tools to implement their ClearChannel News concept – a live streamed broadcast of news, local weather and traffic reports, client wins and other corporate updates, interspersed with attractive visuals of advertising on ClearChannel outdoor billboards.
Within just two months from the start of testing, the NoviSign digital signage platform was live and operational at ClearChannel. “The system runs on Android, requires no work from the IT department to install and maintain, and is inexpensive. That is why we chose NoviSign”, explains Mr. Taine. Each of the 37 sites in France has 1-2 screens playing constantly revolving, locally relevant content. The central communications department can control the whole system, and was able to successfully replace a range of internal newsletters and emails with digital signage.
Digital signage of Clear Channel France
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