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Digital signage of Congregation Beth Or

Novisign’s intuitive editor allows Beth Or Synagogue’s staff to create, customize and schedule all the different messaging they need for their members, then launch and forget about it.

Digital signage at Beth Or

About Congregation Beth Or

Beth Or has a 60 year history as a vibrant synagogue that now has member communications suitable for the 21st century.

The Challenge

During a visit by the CEO of NoviSign Gil Matzliah to Pennsylvania, to meet with the staff of NoviSign’s US Partner, MediMarketing, they chanced upon the Executive Director of Congregation Beth Or, Amy S. Abrams. The Executive Director voiced her concerns that the small kiosk with a PC Display showing PowerPoint type slides informing members of forthcoming activities was not only inconvenient to use, but very dated in its abilities and not conducive to catching a member’s eye.

Digital signage at Beth Or
Digital signage at Beth Or
Digital signage at Beth Or

The Solution

After reviewing the Main Lobby area, an upgrade to a 50 inch digital display running the NoviSign digital signage platform was suggested. The larger display would obviously be much more noticeable and ensure that members would be informed of services, meetings, classes and all the other available activities. The NoviSign cloud-hosted digital signage platform meant that any authorized user could log in online, use the drag-and-drop editor to design the display content, add and schedule content to run on a playlist by day and time of the day, without having to touch the display at all. The Synagogue was so impressed that they added a second screen in the lobby of the School wing.
As soon as the two new displays were installed and up and running, the staff noticed the difference.

Digital signage at Beth Or

The Result

The system has allowed us to be “greener”, removed a messy sea of signs, posters and directional aids from our lobby, improved awareness of events, increased events that can be advertised/promoted and allowed them to be shown when those who are interested are in the building”
After installing the 50 inch display in the Main Lobby and a 42″ Display in the School Lobby, Beth Or called to ask for the main lobby screen to be removed. Responding to the question of Why, the Synagogue responded, “To replace it with a 70 inch monitor!” Such was the value of targeted and noticeable information.
“The NoviSign platform offers its customers very quick installation and setup, with minimum training and support required after deployment”. The highly affordable price point and the rapid drop in the price of displays means that many more organizations can afford to get the digital messaging toolset they need to enhance their overall operations.”
With NoviSign offering a complete cloud based solution set, from one to hundreds of screens can be managed from one desktop. Following the WYSIWYG methodology, NoviSign offers the most intuitive and easiest platform that will enable even the novice of users to be successful in their digital display deployment.

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