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Digital Menu Boards Take Award Winning Independent Pizzeria to the Next Level in Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences

Voted the Best Pizza in Milton, Ontario, Luigi’s Lasagna & Pizzeria believes in quality, consistency and their customers. Discover how Luigi’s is using Digital Menu Boards to deliver a next level dining experience.

Established in 2014, Luigi’s has quickly become one of the area’s most recognized dining restaurants and is considered the best pizza in the GTA. Luigi’s pizza sauce and dough are all made in-house daily and they never use canned or frozen ingredients. Everything is fresh and sourced locally. In conjunction with their commitment to quality, Luigi’s places a significant emphasis on providing first-class customer experiences. When Luigi’s opened, they installed several TV’s and had them connected to DVD players which displayed their menu. However, a lack of functionality and quality prompted Luigi’s to search for a new solution for digital menu boards.

The Challenge

Being a private, independent pizzeria, Luigi’s initially thought that digital signage software would not be an option due to the high prices and complexity.  Because of this belief, Luigi’s stuck with PowerPoint and DVD players. When wanting to make a change to prices or images, the management staff would have to spend hours on PowerPoint and then the go-through process of creating a video loop of the menu. The overall process to make a simple change to one price took an average of 6 hours. Aside from the excessive time to make changes, Luigi’s was limited to design option due to PowerPoint’s lack of digital menu board templates.

The Solution

When spending 3.5 years managing their menu of images, text and slideshows with PowerPoint Luigi’s eventually got tired of it all. In January of 2018, they re-designed their menus and decided it was time for a menu board update. After doing some research, Luigi’s came across NoviSign and signed up for a free 30-day trial to test their software.  Within several days of using the digital menu board software, Luigi’s management team made the switch to NoviSign’s all-in-one digital signage software platform to power their digital menu boards.

The Results

24 hours after making the switch, Luigi’s had all three of their TV’s setup and displaying their new digital menu board. Using the included, professionally designed digital menu board template, the management at Luigi’s were able to create their digital menu board layout quickly. In comparison to the old PowerPoint slide menu’s, Luigi’s new digital menu board are more easily accessible to view. Because of this, Luigi’s have noticed a decrease in wait-line times as well as in increase in combo sales and side orders.

Also, Luigi’s management team greatly appreciated how easy NoviSign’s digital menu board software is to use. They now can manage the menu remotely from any PC. All changes they make from their wireless computer updates on the sign within 2 minutes. The team has also gained the ability for dayparting. Using NoviSign advanced playlists, they have prescheduled specific specials and videos to play on specific days and time. This flexibility now enables Luigi’s to maximize sales by displaying exclusive specials categories around their audience during their busiest hours.


I’m a pizza guy, not extremely techy, but I managed to set up all my menu board myself and hook everything up myself. Like anything in life, the software has a small learning curve, but NoviSign’s customer service and support team is BEYOND amazing and made it very easy!

The software is simple to use and does what any restaurant would need for digital signage at an affordable rate. I would highly recommend them and plan on having a long successful and growing relationship with this company. Well done NoviSign”!

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