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Dill & Parsley Fast Casual Restaurant Deploys NoviSign Digital Menus at Two Manhattan Locations

Dill & Parsley, a popular fast-casual restaurant known for its health-conscious Mediterranean cuisine, recently embarked on a digital transformation of its dining experience by incorporating NoviSign Digital Menus at two of its prime Manhattan locations. This initiative aimed to streamline operations, enhance customer interaction, and modernize the visual appeal of their establishments.


With an increasing demand for quick service and accurate information, Dill & Parsley identified the need to upgrade their traditional menu boards to a more dynamic and interactive system. The restaurant chain sought a solution that could improve efficiency and flexibility in menu management and elevate the customer experience in their densely populated urban settings.


Dill & Parsley faced several challenges:

  • Frequent Menu Changes: Seasonal ingredients and special promotions required frequent updates to the menu, which was labor-intensive and prone to human error.
  • Customer Engagement: In Manhattan’s competitive, fast-casual market, engaging customers and keeping their interest was paramount.
  • Operational Efficiency: Reducing wait times and improving order accuracy were critical in high-traffic locations.


After evaluating various options, Dill & Parsley chose NoviSign’s digital signage solutions due to their ease of use, robust functionality, and proven reliability. The installation included:

  • Digital Menu Boards: Strategically placed screens that display high-resolution images and real-time updates to the menu.
  • Cloud-Based Content Management: A centralized system allows instant menu board updates remotely.


The deployment was carried out in two phases across the Manhattan locations. Initial results were monitored closely to make necessary adjustments and optimize the setup. Staff were trained to handle the new system, focusing on backend operations and customer interaction.


The introduction of NoviSign Digital Menus resulted in several immediate and measurable benefits:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The vivid displays and interactive kiosks led to a more engaging and efficient ordering process.
  • Operational Efficiency: Updates to the menu could be made swiftly and accurately, reflecting in real-time across all platforms.
  • Increased Sales: Promotional items and specials were more effectively highlighted, increasing upsell opportunities.


Dill & Parsley’s adoption of NoviSign Digital Menus has set a benchmark in Manhattan’s fast casual dining industry. The successful deployment at the two locations has enhanced operational efficiency and transformed the customer dining experience, making it more engaging and responsive. With positive feedback from customers and staff alike, Dill & Parsley plans to expand this digital initiative to other locations shortly.


“Implementing NoviSign Digital Menus at our Manhattan locations was a game changer for us at Dill & Parsley. The digital menus have streamlined our operations tremendously and elevated engagement with our service.
The ability to swiftly update our menus allows us to keep our offerings exciting and fresh, responding quickly to trends and customer preferences.
The positive feedback we’ve received from our patrons has been gratifying. They love the new digital menus and the improved service efficiency. This transformation has satisfied our current customers and attracted new ones, enhancing our growth and presence in a competitive market.
We look forward to bringing these innovative solutions to more locations, and we are confident that our continued partnership with NoviSign will keep us at the forefront of the fast casual dining experience. It’s truly gratifying to see such positive outcomes from integrating technology into our operations.”

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