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Freshslice Pizza Case Study – Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards drive sales while enhancing customer experiences across all of Canadian’s award winning Freshslice Pizza locations.

About Freshslice Pizza

Voted one of the best “by the slice” pizza joints in Canada and serving over 20,000 customers daily, Freshslice was founded with around one common principle: “High Quality &Fare Price.”

Today, Freshslice is one of Canada largest and most popular Pizza restaurants and has won the Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence 3 years in a row! To maintain their competitive edge, Freshslice has taken an innovative “with the times” approach towards generating new growth while creating memorable positive experiences for customers. After performing multiple market studies, Freshslice determined that digital menu boards were necessary to create a modern image, better manage their menu while improving their ability to spotlight new deals and promotions.

The Challenge

Before finding NoviSign, Freshslice was using a cloud-based digital signage software that was unreliable and powered by high-cost Windows-based media players. When adding or updating videos and other content, the media would not correctly sync and refresh on the displays, resulting in the need for manual configurations.

Additionally, the Windows-based media players would frequently burn out and need to be replaced.

What needed to be done

  • Upgrade to a stable digital signage software platform.
  • The new platform had to be easy to use and manage.
  • Secure, reliable alternative to Windows media player.

The Solution

After doing a series of numerous software evaluations, pilots and hardware tests, Freshslice made the switch to NoviSign’s digital menu boards.

Freshslice upgraded all 292 of the antiquated expense windows players to NoviSign’s Android media players and software. Due to NoviSign’s intuitive and reliable cloud-based digital signage software and online design Studio, the nationwide upgrade was successfully deployed on time and absolutely no major technical set-up issues.

The results

Within a 30-day period, Freshslice Corporate was able to successfully train all 73 restaurants owner/managers on how to use the system. In comparison to the old system that NoviSign’s digital signage software replaced, Freshslice experienced a significant decrease in support related questions resulting in a substantial savings of time and minimal need to involve IT. In comparison to the Windows media players, the NoviSign’s Android digital signage media players significantly reduced the cost of ownership, were compact and extremely reliable.In addition, Freshslices marketing department greatly appreciated the flexibly of NoviSign’s digital signage software and how easy and fast it was to create content from scratch and or customize existing templates.


Easy to use and manage
Minimal learning curve
Bug-free reliable software
Exceptional support


“NoviSign is awesome. We were able to seamlessly upgrade all 292 of our digital menu boards to NoviSign. Making the switch to NoviSign was a great experience and the support that they provide is magnificent! Their cloud-based digital signage software is feature rich, user-friendly and extremely reliable.“ – Behrooz Rabiei, Marketing Manager.

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