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Digital signage of Hadassah Hospital

Hadassah University Medical Center replaced a plethora of printed roll-up banners with a set of easy-to-configure digital signage screens that use the NoviSign Digital Signage Software, saving themselves work and the inconvenience of roll-up banners.

Hadassah hospital digital signage 1

About Hadassah Hospital

In 2005, the Hadassah University Medical Center was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in honor of its commitment to deliver medical services to all manner of terror victims and for the organizations perseverance in building bridges between communities.

The Challenge

This world-class institution was beset, however by a plague of roll-ups. Placed throughout the corridors and halls of the hospital were many banners advertising products, services and events throughout the hospital.

The Solution

Large medical centers are complex organizations, requiring the constant updating of a variety of information about the products and services they offer. NoviSign’s digital signage software makes this easy to do. “We found NoviSign’s digital signage software on the internet and liked the simplicity of installation and ability to start using it quickly, said IT Manager, Danny Ben Daniel. “We could install a screen anywhere in the hospital without any physical connections to servers or networks. We were able to customize the display any way we liked and update it from any computer.”

Hadassah hospital digital signage 2

The Result

Since the initial installation, digital signage use has spread from the Mount Scopus campus to the Gene Therapy Institute and to large screens installed at the two main entrances of the hospital.“We only visited the hospital once for a short training session and since then, the hospital has been able to install and configure several more screens without any on-site visits by NoviSign,” said Gil Matzliah, CEO of NoviSign. “This is our goal – easy to use and install digital signage”.

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