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Digital signage of TruMedia Partner

An innovative combination of TruMedia’s audience measurement solution and NoviSign’s digital signage enabled real-time measurement of impressions of digital signage advertising in a crowded entertainment venue environment.

About TruMedia Partner

A popular club, the Inigo Montoya, was eager to test out the collaborative solution. This crowded location served as the perfect test for the reliability of TruMedia’s real-time, automated audience measurement solution, which uses state-of-the-art video analytics to measure visual attention towards the digital signage display. However, NoviSign’s recent collaboration with TruMedia proved the potential to go one step further and introduce digital signage content that was interactive and tailored to the audience standing directly in front of the screen, and was directly able to measure the engagement of the audience with the advertising that was displayed.

The Challenge

The solution can not only count audience impressions but also identify audience demographics in terms of gender and age. Jonathan Moav – CEO of TruMedia explained, “Accurate and standardized metrics for audience impressions are needed to measure, maximize and validate advertising and retail expenditures. In several European countries, digital signage measurement has now become the standard approach. This partnership with NoviSign brings such functionality to a brand new level.”

Digital signage TruMedia 3
Digital signage TruMedia 5

The Solution

The joint solution was straightforward to install. NoviSign’s digital signage player was installed on an Android player connected to the large 55 inch screen in the club. TruMedia’s special camera was installed and TruMedia software activated. The brand partner advertising content was loaded and set up to be able to deliver different tailored 15 second video advertisements on demand. The TruMedia solution identified when males or females were in front of the screen and then NoviSign’s digital signage software switched the display from a general message to the appropriate advertising video.

Digital signage TruMedia 2

The Result

The results of this test astounded all parties. Fully 92% of all the visitors to the club during the test period saw at least one of the advertisements. “This combination of NoviSign and TruMedia solutions creates a very precise, engaging and effective advertising medium,” said Gil Matzliah, CEO of NoviSign. “Furthermore, this effectiveness is directly measurable, which is a huge improvement over the estimates or requirement for additional surveys to determine the impact on brand recognition”. Many possibilities are now available to identify the individual or group standing in front of a screen, measuring impressions and adjusting content accordingly. This is the next evolution of digital signage advertising.
Digital signage performs an excellent role in providing a platform to deliver engaging, easy-to-manage content for public spaces. NoviSign’s cloud-based software platform enables any business to create, manage and broadcast content using an easy drag-and-drop interface to configure and update the content streams.

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