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Industry: Advertising Network
Application: Advertising Platform
Digital signage of Real Time Display at gas stations
Digital signage of Real Time Display at gas stations
  Demanding digital displays
After exhaustive testing, Real Time Display selected NoviSign to power its extremely demanding wireless remote Android-based video display advertising network in gas stations.
Real Time gives local businesses a rich video advertising opportunity to target customers with time to kill. But making that happen is technically extremely challenging.
Real Time offers a simple value proposition: local businesses can get a high-class video advertisement broadcast to consumers waiting at the gas pump while their car is being fueled. An ideal time, since people are standing and waiting, happy to be entertained. But Managing Partner Michael Pauly knew that making this happen in reality is not so simple.
Gas stations are a demanding environment – physically spread out through cities and suburbs, running content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and subject to regulations regarding extreme fire hazards. Michael’s team would not realistically be able to physically visit sites to reset displays or troubleshoot issues, so everything had to run remotely and
wirelessly. The screens on a station concourse also needed to operate in a highly synchronized fashion, so the sound from each did not conflict between pump stations. The content had to be easy to wirelessly load, schedule and manage. And the hardware had to be able to play high definition video seamlessly without hanging or delays.
Having tested several other solutions, including from much larger providers, Michael returned to NoviSign for several reasons. “First, NoviSign’s user interface is far superior to any competitors. It is easier to use and more flexible. Second, the system is extremely reliable and stable, even under our demanding requirements. Third,
Digital signage at Real Time Display Digital signage at Real Time Display
Digital signage at Real Time Display Digital signage at Real Time Display
– 300 wireless displays across 25
   stations broadcasting full HD
– 12 clips a day on a 6 minute loop.
– 100MB of data transferred per day
   to a player.
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… the price beats the competition. And finally the service and support NoviSign provides is responsive and timely.” summarized Michael.
Real Time had selected Android operating system displays as the operating system of choice that would support their advertising network, and NoviSign stood out in particular as a vendor with a stable Android platform that could support all the displays and players required.
Gil Matzliah, NoviSign CEO explained that “the Real Time ad network is a great example of the kind of business model that can be built on top of our cloud-hosted digital signage platform. Our partners can focus on customers, installations and building the network, not having to worry about how to load, schedule and manage content, because we take care of all that for them.”
Digital signage at Real Time Display
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