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Digital Signage Decreases Waitimes and Drive Growth at Puerto Rico’s Leading Gun Club

Discover how RL Armeria utilized digital signage to improve customer experiences while adding a modern visually engaging touch to their retail store and club.

RL Armeria - gun club Puerto Rico

About RL Armeria

From hosting regional tournaments to offering training courses and certifications, RL Armeria sees a steady flow of in-store traffic. Learn how RL used digital signage to streamline the way they communicated with customers while improving the way they advertised sales and new promotions.

The Challenge

Each one of RL’s stores features two customer lanes that are constantly filled with customers. With an average wait time of 10 minutes the need to decrease wait-times while making it easier to disseminate product-related information and services was required.


At first, RL hired a host to guide customers through the line and answer questions. As months went on, the added cost of additional employees added up forcing them to search for an alternative solution that would entertain customers, decrease wait-times, provide information on products and services.

The Solution

After several internal meetings, the concept of displaying a variety of ever-changing shooting range videos, promotions, gun-permit procedures, product sales and other customer-centric content on TVs was agreed upon. Finding an easy to use platform that allowed RL to be able to easily upload their media was required.


After coming across NoviSign, RL started an evaluation pilot to test functionality and ease of use. After 20-days of testing, RL made the decision to move ahead with NoviSign.

The results

Upon installing the screens, RL immediately received positive feedback from their customers. Because the content being displayed on the screens was informative and engaging, the perceived wait-times dropped. When customers were coming up to the service counters, they were able to make purchases related decisions faster due to the information being displayed on the screens.


NoviSign gave me all of the tools I needed for getting my information on the screens. They made it easy and helped me with everything. They walked me through what digital signage was and gave me step-by-step assistance with getting everything up and running. I received check-in calls throughout the pilot and they routinely answered all of my questions.

NoviSign’s digital signage software is very user-friendly. The included templates make designing content simple, I merely changed out the information to fit my needs. Their customizable template helped a lot because you don’t have to be a graphic artist” – Carlos Medina, RL Armeria

About NoviSign

NoviSign has helped clients with over 20,000 screens across 5 continents successfully deploy dynamic digital signage solutions. Some of NoviSign’s clients include Disney, Ikea, Dole, Home Depot, NASA, Nokia, Ferrari, Papa John’s Pizza and more!

Using NoviSign’s comprehensive web-based digital signage software online Studio, you can create beautiful digital signage. With over 20+ drag-and-drop widgets to choose from and a complete library of customizable digital signage templates, you can quickly design and manage engaging content that features live social media streams, data-driven polls, fun interactive games and media-rich zones that feature videos, RSS feeds, HD images, scrolling text, weather and more!

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