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About Service-Punkt

Service-Punkt is a shop for various services related to keys, shoe repairs, watch repairs and other services related to accessories, given at the point of sale.
It is located perfectly within the upmarket shopping mall “MERCADEN” in Boeblingen, Southern Germany. Mercaden Boeblingen is as big as approximately 28,800 square meters and consists of over 80 different shops spread out on 3 floors.
Influenced by the negative impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the number of customers significantly decreased and Service-Punkt is struggling to cover all ongoing expenses and urgently needed to increase the number of customers and the sales volume per customer.

The Challenge

Creating a Digital Signage Solution for an individual shop in a shopping mall to attract more customers and compensate for the Pandemic related revenue drop.
We, at NoviSign, had to develop and design a Digital Signage Solution concept consisting of different elements in different areas, in order to attract bypassing potential customers and keep them in the shop for as long as possible.
Additionally, the solution included a lot of different screens, each one for different use in the area, therefore we had to find an elegant way of installation. Deploying power and internet connection to the different installation points was a big challenge, and we had to find solutions, taking into consideration the fact that the overall project costs need to match the financial constraints of the shop that are caused by the shortfall of revenues due to COVID19.

What had to be done

To begin with, we had to find the right partners to support this ambitious project with quality hardware and installation services, to give the client an end to end solution.
We then had to examine the location to determine the most suitable spots for the installations, and later, turn non-interactive digital advertising spaces into spaces that enable a professional environment and elegant connection to the ceiling.
After choosing the right hardware, we moved on to synchronize our software according to the client’s needs, to bring the hardware to life.

The Solution

We found the 4 most suitable partners:
Pyramid – A German digital signage manufacturer which supplied the 27“ ceiling-mounted digital sign.
Pyramid brought Into this solution unique hardware which receives its power supply through thin steel wires, underlining the floating effect of the device.
Luxx Light Technology – The supplier of two 23″ eShelf Displays (shelf edge displays). Those displays featured by their integrated power supply for easy installation. In addition, the eShelf featured a 700 NIT high brightness screen that is vivid and captivating.
Samsung Tizen – Supplying an industrial grade, high quality 75“ screen with SAMSUNG TIZEN Digital
Sign that enabled direct installation of our software with no external media player.
ADD Beam – The integrator of this project and the responsible for the designing of the professional videos and content.

Strong Collaboration

Together we have all managed to design and install several displays, designed suitable content and displayed it in an attractive way to bring people into the shop and keep them there for as long as possible.
The displays included digital thickness signage, e-Shelf displays that are used to display product pricing and information and 75” Displays in portrait mode to deliver best-in-class UHD resolution as well as Intelligent UHD upscaling and rich flawless colours with dynamic crystal colour all in a slim design.
Service Punkt have bought the NoviSign software, enabling them to independently update the content with the support of ADD Beam.

The results

Due to the deploying of NoviSign solution, Service-Punkt attracts more customers. Traffic in the shop has significantly increased by new customers coming in, attracted by the screens’ content.
While being in the shop, customers can be informed about other products or about upselling and it influences sales. When there are long queues at the service point or at the cashier, not only do customers choose to stay and wait (while watching the screens) rather than leaving the shop frustrated, they are also able to see other products on the screens that they hadn’t thought they were interested in, and therefore sales values per customer are increasing.
Revenues have already increased by around 20% and the financial situation has significantly improved.


Mustafa Dikici – Service Punkt Owner:
During installation times this already attracted many more customers that are curious to see what happens… The screens and contents attract many more customers and they are staying longer in the shop if they have to wait… People suddenly ask for additional products that are advertised on the screens and they buy more than what they originally came for“.
NoviSign as a complete digital signage solution was the choice because it helps to easily create very attractive content and to be able to change and amend content on a daily basis…

Rodny Scherzer – NoviSign Project Manager:
There were only 2 alternative solutions – Digital Signage or printed hardcopy advertising. As Digital Signage is the much more flexible solution, the decision was taken for a complete digital signage solution.

Digital signage installation

Getting ready to install the digital signage

Signage installation
Preparing the infrastructure for the installation

Infrastructure for digital signs
More work…

Samsung Tizen TV
Mounting the Samsung Tizen TV

NoviSign app on Samsung Tizen
Configuring the NoviSign app

Samsung TV display
The Samsung display is live

Samsung digital signage
The store has digital signage now!

Pyramid digital display
Pyramid TV display in the store, hung from the ceiling

Tizen digital signage
A digital sign should be in each strategic location in the shop

Stretch display with NoviSign app
Stretch displays running NoviSign app in the store

Shelf display with NoviSign software
Shelf display takes the advantage of shortage in “real estate” and attracts the visitors

Samsung digital displays in retail
Business can be much better when you have digital displays!

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