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Digital Signage of Simplicity Marketing Solutions

Simplicity Marketing Solutions is a digital signage provider headquartered in Clayton, North Carolina. They currently have 72 screens in their growing network. About a year ago they began having compatibility problems with their previous software provider and needed to find another solution for their signage

Digital signage Simplicity studio

About Simplicity Marketing Solutions

After exploring several options they decided to experiment with the NoviSign platform. “The differences between NoviSign and the competitors (both big budget and freeware) were like night and day. Not only is the platform packed with great features and easy to use, it is undeniably reliable.” says Mr. Scott Quigley, Simplicity’s operations manager.
This is how he describes the solution:

“The NoviSign digital signage management platform has contributed greatly to our success in this market so when I needed a platform to support my daughter’s dance academy, choosing NoviSign was a no brainer!

The Web Interface:

The web interface is a significant improvement over platforms we have used in the past, being intuitively laid out, clearly marked, and responsive. Nearly every component of the platform is drag and drop which makes it very easy for someone with limited computer skills to learn and to use and makes it feel familiar for the tech savvy user.

Content Management:

Content management is a breeze with NoviSign! Simply drag, drop, and schedule! It really is that easy. Each creative in the playlist has its own calendar icon which makes adjusting your playback schedule very convenient. Each creative can be set to play “forever”, on a specific day or selection of days, or can be set to start and stop at a specific time on a specific day. Being able to schedule content in advance is just one of the great features we use to manage our content on multiple screens.

Creative Composer:

In addition to being compatible with a staggering assortment of file types that can be uploaded and displayed, the NoviSign platform also allows you to create content from within the system. No additional software required! Like the rest of the platform, the creative composer is mostly drag-and-drop. Also, the ever growing list of onboard features is pretty impressive. Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, Instagram, YouTube and web feeds can be dropped directly onto the canvas and sized to mesh seamlessly with your other content. Images and videos can be imported and embedded directly into your creatives, allowing you to reduce your data throughput and network lag times, by playing content directly from the cache. Need something in a hurry? No problem! A selection of templates has been included to get you started.


Here in North Carolina, we got hit pretty hard by Hurricane Matthew. Hundreds of thousands of people were without power and many people lost everything due to flooding. As an IT professional, I was concerned that the unscheduled shutdowns and extended loss of power was going to wreak havoc on my network. To my happy surprise, as our clients regained power and their media players powered back on, NoviSign happily went back to work. No panic required. In the midst of everything that we were facing during that period,it was a great relief to know that there was at least one thing we didn’t have to worry about. NoviSign just works.


The support we receive from Gil (the CEO of NoviSign) and his team is nothing short of spectacular. They respond quickly, are knowledgeable, and are VERY friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend NoviSign to anyone in the industry in need of a change or the companies just getting into the industry.

Thank you for all your support and your continuing work to make NoviSign the most reliable and feature rich platform available!”

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NoviSign supports Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Tizen and webOS. You can start using it RIGHT NOW and switch to production at any time.