NoviSign digital signage World’s Christian Endeavor Union
Customer Case Study
Industry: Religious Institutions
Application: Guesthouse Signage
Digital signage of World's Christian Endeavor Union
Digital signage of World's Christian Endeavor Union
  Guesthouse signage
Having a monitor of information for the guests in the main foyer.
World’s Christian Endeavor Union, a religious Christian guesthouse network & schools of 29 countries around the world is using NoviSign’s Windows based digital signage as a solution for their guesthouse which serves northern part of Germany.
The organization in Altenau, in the northern part of Germany is a branch of the World’s Christian Endeavor Union which has 29 countries around the world. Christian Endeavor (CE) is the first interdenominational youth ministry and had a tremendous impact on the Protestant Mission and on the Protestant Churches especially in the United States. It is based on donations.
The guesthouse in Germany is the main place for young people from the the area to get together for meetings and worship. They also we have schools for educational events in their house.
They started using NoviSign digital signage app in the central foyer, in order to inform their guests about news, events and information regarding their stay in their house.
“We searched the internet for a software and found media signage and NoviSign. I have installed both. I have used media signage in 2013 and NoviSign since 2014.
NoviSign has so many advantages compared to other software that we would like to keep using it in the future. NoviSign was very easy to install. The editor is small and easy. There are no periods of getting firm with it. We can prepare pages and let them come at the requested time on the screen. For example, there is one page saying welcome to the groups. So, we can set the date and time exactly for their stay here. We also use the app for information about the house, like times for the meals or opening time of the little kiosk”, said Mr. Ralf bethke from the Endeavor Union.
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