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Customer Case Study
Industry: Meeting & Training Venues
Application: Room Signage
Digital signage of Cliftons
Digital signage of Cliftons
  Centralized room signage
Moving from paper-based meeting room signage to a cloud-hosted, centralized solution means less administration, instant updates and opportunities to upsell customers for more services.
Cliftons, the #1 provider of conference and training venues in Australia & New Zealand, is expanding the use of NoviSign as a key component of their venue services operations.
Cliftons’ business success relies on keeping their 10 purpose-built venues full to the brim with training classes, meetings, conferences and events. And ensuring participants know where they need to go and where to find the relevant event, is a key part of running a smooth operation.
As Cliftons upgraded their Sydney and then Auckland sites, they wanted to replace printed paper signs showing the schedule for each room. Administratively cumbersome and requiring hand-delivery to each room, these signs were not suitable for a 21st century infrastructure.
Cliftons decided to introduce digital signage by the doors to meeting rooms. These displays show the name of the event or class, the customer, schedule information and of course include the Cliftons’ logo. “We selected
NoviSign due to the ease of use and simplicity. My staff can log in and update the frequently-changing schedules from any web browser,” explains Robert Boehmer, Chief Operating Officer. “If rooms are unoccupied we can use the screens to broadcast advertisements, either helping to market our client’s other events or alternatively our own services.”
As Cliftons continue to upgrade their facilities they will be expanding the use of NoviSign across all their 10 facilities.
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