We now support our digital signage solution on the new Google Chromebox devices. We have added 2 apps to the Chrome Web Store: one for the online Studio backend and the other one for the player app.
Please notice that the player app in the Chrome store is still limited and unlike the 2 other main apps of us (the Windows and the Android player apps). The Chromebox was already tested with our software and was found to be very stable and compatible.
Chromebox boxes
Chromebox digital signage is the next thing to come in the digital signage kingdom. The trend is strong mainly in the North America but not in other regions, as in most countries the Chromeboxes are not even available for purchasing the retails shops. The trend is very strong, especially in education institutions as we can already see from our clients.

As Google started from search engine, continued to browser and other online cloud services, eventually it ended with an operating system: the Chrome OS which is the basis for all Google based hardware (well, maybe not for the Chromecast dongle): Chromebook, Chromebox and Chromebase.

If you want to learn more about the variety of recommended Chrome OS devices for digital signage, please click here.
If you want to enroll your Chromebox to be a managed Chrome device under the Google Device Management Console (and also set it in Kiosk mode, in order to be dedicated for our digital signage app 24/7), please click here for instructions. Since March 2019 Chrome OS devices cannot be set to non-managed Kiosk mode. If you like to see the installation manual of the Chromebox player app, please click here.
Please notice that Google provides a service called “Chromebook White Glove Service“. A service that lets you get your Chromebook from Google (and maybe other Chrome OS devices such as Chromebox), already configured with your network settings, enrollment to Google Device Management Console, WiFi and so on. That is good for mass installations of Chrome OS digital signage, to save your time.