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Makitso Displays

Makitso Displays is the manufacturer of a line of digital signage products. Most notably – The Blade. The thinnest 4k standalone kiosk on the market.

Thin, sleek design

Modular design

High quality materials and build

Durable, high quality shipping case


Futureproof 4k resolution and 10 point touch screen

Makitso Blade digital signage kiosks

Makitso Blade; digital signage kiosk with optional touch screen display. Create a lasting impression in the mind of your audience through personal interactive experiences.

Learn more about Makitso Blade digital signage kiosks 


Makitso Mini Blade

Makitso Mini Blade; a small tabletop version of the Blade available in a 21.5″ or 32″ display. Great for countertops/receptions/end caps!

Learn more about Makitso Mini Blade

Makitso Concierge

Makitso Concierge; a more portable version of the Blade! The concierge stands 4′ tall and comes with touch screen and rechargeable battery built in!

Learn more about Makitso Concierge


The Makitso Blade Tower

The Makitso Blade Tower. Wish you could combine two blades into one? Wish no longer! Introducing the Makitso Blade Tower; a double sided standalone Kiosk!

Learn more about The Makisto Tower

Makitso Sslab Jr

Makitso Sslab Jr. An interactive table with 32” 10 point touch screen display and built-in 16AH rechargeable battery. Designed for rough use by kids!

Learn more about Makitso Sslab Jr


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