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Digital Signage for Casinos

Drive new revenues while cultivating better customer experiences

Digital Signage for Casinos is a visually stimulating solution that enables you to deliver the right information to the right people, at the right time. Using NoviSign’s casino digital signage, you will be able to broadcast announcements, players club promotions, table games announcements, event listings, entertainments options and more!

Casino digital signage

A Single Software, Unlimited Options

With NoviSign’s cloud-based digital signage for casinos, you have complete control and flexibility. Design and broadcast highly targeted updates to all of your casino’s screens. From the screen in your lobby, gaming floor, dining areas and entertainment venue you can create and manage custom content, make playlists and create dynamic schedules.

Casino Wayfinding

Make it easier for your customers to find games, amenities, entertainment locations and dining options using a digital directory


Showcase on-premise restaurants and lounges, add digital menus boards, advertise happy hour specials and drink promotions


Spotlight Jackpot winners, advertise upcoming tournaments, display poker waiting lists, promote Blackjack tables and more


Communicate with employees, share HR updates, list upcoming event information times and recognize birthdays


Promote daily live shows, offer special casino play packages and specials, highlight upcoming concerts and special events

Player Clubs

Spotlight the benefits of being a Player Club member, show-off exclusive offerings, list upcoming player club events

Comprehensive and Scalable

Update your casino’s digital signage screens and content from any browser at any time and run the software on any Android, Windows or Chrome OS media player. Remotely update screens one at a time or create groups of screens to update. Create location specific playlists, schedule content to play at specific times and dates and set recurring schedules or expiration dates.

NoviSign Casino Digital Signage Software has the industries best variety of drag-and-drop widgets that make the process of content creation easy and fun!

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • Text
  • Shapes & Background
  • Label
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • News RSS
  • Weather
  • Clock
  • URL
  • Text
  • Polls
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Improve Sales and Customer Spending

Use digital signage for casinos to send out your monthly advertisements and promotions. By delivering engaging motion graphics, videos, commercials, and other media, you will be able to draw attention to your content and effectively reach your casino customers. Use to digital signage for casinos to display:

  • Scrolling text promotions, specials and advertisements
  • Spotlight media slideshows of HD images and videos
  • Pre-schedule daily exclusive sales to automatically play

Showcase Casino Entertainment Selections

Use casino digital signage to highlight nightlife, shows, concerts, special events and dining options. List scrolling event calendars with descriptions, times and locations. Incorporate HD media slideshows of rotating videos, advertisements, images, event commercials, and other entertainment options in your casino’s digital signage.

  • Add wayfinding maps with directions to entertainment venues
  • Integrate with your event management software for automatic updates
  • Share zones of the content of the sign with management departments, so they add specials

The NoviSign Advantage

NoviSign’s Digital Signage for Casino is the all-in-one solution for creating and managing casino digital signage. From easily designing captivating content to making on-the-fly updates, you can use NoviSign’s software to manage your entire network of on and off-premise screens.

  • Use any screen, tablet or kiosk
  • Runs on Chrome OS, Android, Windows media players
  • No setup fees or required maintenance contracts
  • Cloud-based and comes with over 20+ drag-and-drop widgets
  • Almost all the content caches and play if your network is down
  • Remote monitoring and advanced scheduling
  • Full training and support is included

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NoviSign supports Windows, Android and Chrome OS. You can start using it RIGHT NOW and switch to production at any time.