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Digital Signage for Convention Centers

Improve sales, create better experiences and increase efficiency

Digital Signage for Convention Centers is a modern and practical mean of sharing information. From making it easier for venue attendees to access and view conference notifications and event times to reducing your staff’s workload, NoviSign’s convention center digital signage is your pathway towards better communication and efficiency.

Total Control and Flexibility

With NoviSign’s cloud-based digital signage for convention centers, you will be able to design and manage your entire network of screens easily. Create and send location-specific updates and announcements from any computer at any time. From free-standing kiosks to meeting and event displays, you can use NoviSign for all of your convention centers digital signage.


Add convention center maps with points of interest, directional arrows, list bathroom, food and ATM locations


Display parking structure maps, shuttle times, taxi contact numbers, public transportation information and parking rates

Events & Schedules

Share daily convention and expo schedules, add event activity lists, spotlight conference and meeting times


Share evacuation plans, maps and procedures, weather alerts, site lockdown announcements and alert broadcasts

Food & Beverage

Add digital menu boards that display your menu items, descriptions, prices, images, promotions and specials


Showcase facility services, customer service FAQs, facility information, internet access options, business center hours and more

Remote Access and Monitoring

Using NoviSign web-based digital signage for convention centers, you can easily edit and update all of your convention centers screens. NoviSign runs on Android, Chrome OS and Windows media players and does not require onsite servers or maintenance. Preschedule playlists, set expiration dates and remotely view the status of your screens and playlists.

NoviSign’s Convention Center Digital Signage is easy-to-use and comes with user-friendly drag-and-drop widgets to make the process of content intuitive and effective:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • Text
  • Shapes & Background
  • Label
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • News RSS
  • Weather
  • Clock
  • URL
  • Text
  • Polls
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

A New Way to Increase Revenue

Incorporate convention center digital signage into your event and trade show offerings. Create add-on packages that can be purchased a-la-carte or include it into all of your venue rental bundles.

  • Offer digital signage as a part of your event hosting packages
  • Sell advertising spots to trade show and event customers
  • Increase food and drinks sales with digital menu boards
  • Offer sponsorship packages that are listed on the digital signs
  • Upsell facility services, parking and WiFi access

Improve Convention Center Experiences

Attendees can use digital signage for convention centers to learn more about the events, view schedules and learn more about your facility.

  • Display traffic, transportation, subway schedules and fight times
  • Stream live events, talks, meetings and keynote speakers
  • Share expo event listings, meeting times and convention schedules
  • Add live Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds

The NoviSign Advantage

NoviSign’s Digital Signage for Convention Centers is a cloud-based signage solution that can be used to easily and quickly control all of your screen content. Design eye-catching layouts that feature an unlimited amount of zones, create advanced playlists and remotely update and monitor all of your screens with NoviSign’s convention center digital signage.

  • Use any screen, tablet, or kiosk
  • Runs on Chrome OS, Android, Windows media players
  • No setup fees or required maintenance contracts
  • Cloud-based and comes with over +20 drag-and-drop widgets
  • All content caches and play if your network is down
  • Remote monitoring and advanced scheduling
  • Full training and support is included

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NoviSign supports Windows, Android and Chrome OS. You can start using it RIGHT NOW and switch to production at any time.