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Digital Signage for Movie Theaters

Improve sales, create better experiences and increase efficiency

Digital Signage for Movie Theaters is a smart and highly engaging approach towards marketing and upselling. Digital signage for cinemas are being used in lobbies, hallways and concession stand areas. From promoting rewards programs, HD movie posters, to digital menu boards, NoviSign’s movie theatre digital signage is your all-in-one solution for easy creation and management of effective cinema digital signage.

A Cloud-Based Feature-Rich Platform

Using NoviSign’s digital signage for movie theaters, you can easily create and control beautiful content that drives revenue while improving cinema experiences. From any computer, at any time you can make on the fly updates to content, preschedule promotions and remotely monitor all of your screens.

Food & Drink

Spotlight food combos, upsell candy, add eye-catching motion graphics and exquisitely display your menu digitally


Feature current movie trailers, upcoming new releases, special cinema events, ratings, pricing and show times

Special Offers

Promote special discount movie and value pricing days, group ticket packages, film series events and gift cards sales

Digital Menu Boards

Create concession stand digital menus that list your items, combos, promotions, images, descriptions and prices


Promote your new lounge and recliner seating, cinema restaurant and bar, large premium format and 3D screens

Box Office Information

Share customer service announcements, facility maps, advanced screening times, job postings, company news and more

Advanced Scheduling and Monitoring

Create dynamic playlists and preschedule your content to play. Set recurring schedules and trigger time-specific advertisements to autoplay on specific dates and times to maximize your sales. Also included with NoviSign Digital signage for movie theatres is a powerful monitoring dashboard that enables you to remotely view the status of all your screens, view playlists and run a detailed proof-of-play reports.

Using NoviSign’s digital signage for movie theaters, you can create stunning content using the included drag and drop widgets:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • Text
  • Shapes & Background
  • Label
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • News RSS
  • Weather
  • Clock
  • URL
  • Text
  • Polls
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Impactful and Innovative Signage

Use digital signage for movie theatres to beautifully display HD movie posters, movie times, clips and pricing. Display real-time theatre information, movie availability, social media widgets and advertisements. Benefits of digital signage for movie theatres include:

  • Save time and money by eliminating the need to print and install static signage
  • Display a variety of marketing messages, food sale specials, trailers and promotions
  • Make on-the-fly updates to announcements and last minute show time updates
  • Sell advertising spots to local area businesses and vendors

Create Superior Theatre Experiences

Use movie theatre digital signage to drive customer loyalty. Make it easier for customers to access and view cinema related information. From promoting value-food specials to offering theatre wayfinding information with maps you can use movie theatre digital signage as an extension of your customer service department.

  • Reduce perceived wait times with HD clips and upcoming movie trailers
  • Add weather updates, scrolling cinema announcements, and concession sales
  • Incorporate social media feeds that feature movie reviews
  • Spotlight customer rewards and loyalty programs

The NoviSign Advantage

NoviSign’s Digital Signage for Movie Theatres is a reliable web-based digital signage solution that makes the creation and management of cinema digital signage easy and practical. Create media rich content, preschedule content to play and remotely track and monitor all of your movie theatre digital signage screens.

  • Use any screen, tablet, or kiosk
  • Runs on Chrome OS, Android, Windows media players
  • No setup fees or required maintenance contracts
  • Cloud-based and comes with over 20+ drag-and-drop widgets
  • Almsot all content caches and play if your network is down
  • Remote monitoring and advanced scheduling
  • Full training and support is included

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