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Digital Bulletin Boards

Transform your TV into a digital bulletin board to dramatically improve how you share information, company news, event schedules, notifications, and more. Using your computer, remotely update the digital bulletin board TV with new media and content. Preschedule important updates to autoplay on specific dates, set recurring schedules, and more!

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Digital bulletin boards

A New Kind of Bulletin Board

NoviSign lets you easily set up your digital bulletin board that features any combination of business announcements, meeting times and locations, employee updates, HD videos, welcome messages, and more. Using the included bulletin board digital signage templates, you can easily set up your content and send it to the TV!

Welcome Your Guests

Send personalized welcome messages to distinguished customers, vendors, business visitors, and employees.

Alerts and Data Displays

Publications, production metrics, charts, tables, and safety protocols can automatically be displayed

Meeting Room Schedules

Add a weekly calendar that includes event dates, training times, and company itineraries

Corporate Communications

Improve communication by keeping staff up-to-date on business news, new offerings, bulletins from the CEO, and more!

Company Social Media

Use live Twitter, Instagram, and Yammer streams to promote your business’s social media channels.

Staff Recognition

Honor your employee of the month, and high achievers with a personalized first name Gratitude notes that highlight achievements

Ready to get started?

Whether you’re a school, business, or community organization, you can use digital TV boards to improve how you share on-demand information with the public. Contact us today to learn more!

    Total Scheduling Control

    Your company’s digital signage bulletin board displays can be automatically updated, edited, and managed from any browser-enabled device. Media devices using Windows, Android, or Chrome OS are compatible with NoviSign’s software.

    In addition, to live to stream, you can also schedule your content to air at particular times and dates using the built-in playlists and scheduling module. You can also schedule when specific texts will be played and when they will be deleted. This is perfect for making personalized introduction presentations and other media.

    Customizable Media Widgets

    NoviSign’s drag-and-drop widgets make it possible for people of varying educational and professional backgrounds and levels of IT expertise to quickly design and set up their digital bulletin board that features:

    • RSS News Feeds
    • YouTube
    • Ustream
    • Webpages
    • Google Slides and Spreadsheets
    • HD Images
    • Videos
    • Slideshows and Presentations
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Yammer
    • Weather, Date and Clock
    • Scrolling Tickers
    • Shapes and Backgrounds
    • Company Presentations

    Remotely Update Your Bulletin Board TV Sign

    NoviSign’s digital bulletin board software lets you easily set up a unified corporate communications infrastructure, perfect for showing everything from live and engaging corporate social media feeds to crucial emergency alerts.

    • Manage all company communications from one location and issue updates automatically
    • Communicate important business news, corporate updates, and HR updates
    • Publish new company slideshows and PDFs with minimal effort, and set up repeating schedules in advance
    • Incorporate factory output data such as production metrics, KPIs, and shipping goals
    • Use Google Slides and Sheets together to create dynamic multimedia slideshows in real-time

    5 Benefits of Digital Bulletin Boards

    Leverage the power of technology and your TV to maximize how you share information with staff, employees, and guests.

    • Flexibility: can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, by anyone who has permission. This means that people not physically present in a particular location can still view and contribute to the board.
    • Touch Screen: incorporate interactive features, such as links to websites, videos, or other multimedia content. This can make the content more engaging and exciting to users
    • Customizable: can be easily updated and modified, making adding new content or removing outdated information simple, saving you time and resources
    • Cost-effective: no ongoing costs for paper, printing, or physical maintenance
    • Eco-friendly: helps reduce paper waste and contributes to a more sustainable environment

    4 Step Guide to Setting Up A Digital Bulletin Board

    By following these steps, you can set up a digital bulletin board that is organized, engaging, and accessible to your intended audience.

    • Define your objectives: Define its purpose and intended audience. Determine the content type you will share and how you want to organize it
    • Set up your template: Once you have chosen a platform and defined the purpose, create your digital bulletin board template. Choose a design that fits your needs and customize it with your branding or colors
    • Add content: Add announcements, events, deadlines, and important information. You can also include multimedia content like images, videos, and links to other resources
    • Update it weekly: Regularly update and maintain your digital bulletin board to keep it fresh and relevant. Remove outdated information, add new content, and respond to user feedback

    What is a Digital Bulletin Board Display?

    A digital bulletin board is a TV for digitally displaying information, notifications, and other daily messaging-related updates. Digital billboards are useful visual communications tool that can be installed in any high-traffic location.

    When it comes down to it, you can use digital bulletin boards to:

    • Quickly distribute on-the-fly updates to employees
    • Preschedule custom welcome communications
    • Recognize employee achievements and birthdays
    • Spotlight days without accidents and workplace safety
    • Share company news, sports, and weather updates
    Digital signage internal communication

    Key Advantages of Bulletin Board TV Displays

    When using a digital sign board versus a bulletin board features a variety of advantages:

    • Eco-friendly: eliminate the need to print paper
    • Save money: reduce printing costs
    • Flexibility: make updates at any time from any computer
    • Appealing: videos, tickers, slideshows, and motion grab attention

    How To Set Up A Digital Bulletin Board

    In general, the process is straightforward.

    • TV: To get started, you will need a TV. Don’t worry, any time will work fine, and you can use an existing TV. If you’re buying a new TV, we recommend going with 43″ or larger.
    • Digital Signage Media Player or Android TV: A media player is a small-form device that connects to your TV via HDMI and connects to the internet via WiFi or hardwire. It is what will play your digital bulletin board content on the TV.
    • Cloud-based Digital Bulletin Board Software: Digital Bulletin Board Software is what you will use to create, update and manage your digital bulletin board content. You can remotely design and send updates to the bulletin board’s information from your computer.

    Setting Up Your Digital Bulletin Boards Content

    To get your information up on the digital board, you will use cloud-based signage software like NoviSign.

    • Templates: With NoviSign, you can access over 200+ professionally designed templates to help you get started. Corporate and internal communications, employee updates, and lobby layout templates are just a few digital bulletin board-style templates you can choose from.
    • Drag-&-Drop Widgets: You can easily insert and customize your content/templates using the widgets. Slideshows, videos, YouTube, RSS feeds, tickers, weather, websites, Google Slides, and images are all examples of widgets that you can add to the digital bulletin board content.
    • Scheduling and PlaylistsAfter you’ve set up your templates, you will need to set up your digital signage playlist. The playlist is the template you want to play on the digital bulletin board. You can set the templates to rotate through, play a single template, and even set your templates to play at specific times.

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