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Employee digital signage

Digital Signage for Employee Communications

Digital Signage for Employee Communications

NoviSign’s specially design digital signage for employee communications is a total solution for organizations looking to use employee communications digital signage to improve the way they share targeted company notifications, HR news, recognize employees, display schedules and more! The platform is easy-to-use, cloud-based and efficient.

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Employee communications

One screen, unlimited possibilities

Using NoviSign’s, employee communications digital signage anyone can make screens that contain any combination of bulletins, media slideshows, training videos and custom messaging. Using our all-in-one solution for employee communications digital signage, you will be able to make content then send it to any screen quickly.

Google Slides and Spreadsheet

Connect and display your presentations, charts and slides

Social Media Streams

Stream real-time Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds

Weekly Schedule

Spotlight company meetings, training dates and critical customer meetings

Company Initiatives

Spotlight your vision, new products and corporate culture

Mixed Media

Add a unique combination HD videos, scrolling tickers, RSS feeds and weather


Welcome new employees, share HR news and training videos

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    Control your screens

    Make edits and updates to a single screen or all of your screens with minutes from any computer at any time. NoviSign’s digital signage for employee communications can be installed on any Windows, Android or Chrome OS media player. You can also preschedule specific slides or templates to play on anticipated times or dates automatically. This included scheduling module is useful for displaying time-sensitive notifications, special employee messages and other relevant information.

    Drag & Drop Widgets

    Anyone can use NoviSign’s drag-and-drop widgets to quickly design and create engaging and informative employee communications digital signage:

    • RSS News Feeds
    • YouTube
    • Ustream
    • Webpages
    • Google Slides and Spreadsheets
    • HD Images
    • Videos
    • Slideshows and Presentations
    • Instagram
    • Weather, Date and Clock
    • Scrolling Tickers
    • Shapes and Backgrounds
    • Interactive Polls
    Digital signage for employees

    Broadcast Your Most Important Employee Communications

    With NoviSign, your management team will be able to quickly and effortlessly create appealing and helpful content. Digital Signage for Employee Communications is a useful tool that when used improves productivity:

    • Drive engagement using a combination of compelling media slides shows, scrolling tickers and more
    • Broadcast your most essential notifications while driving internal brand awareness
    • Shape corporate culture and boost morale with a fun team and event photos
    • Show employee appreciation and spotlight accomplishments and top performers
    • Broadcast sales goals, company metrics and production line statistics

    An All-In-One Employee Communications Digital Signage Platform

    From general employee information to essential company metrics, you can use NoviSign’s digital signage for employee communication to broadcast all of your messaging! Add screens in your breakrooms, employee areas, cafeteria, factory floor or any other high-traffic location, to effectively target your messages. These employee communication digital signage screens can be displaying the same information, or you can create unique layouts and slides to address particular messaging needs of the location and audience especially.

    Employee communications digital signage
    Employee internal communication

    Designed for Quick and Easy Use

    Specially created for simplicity without sacrificing functionality, you can use NoviSign’s digital signage for employee communications to fluently create and control content. From PowerPoint slides to necessary images, you can upload your media, then quickly customize the layout and text, so your information is displayed appealingly and exceptionally.

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    NoviSign supports Windows, Android and Chrome OS. You can start using it RIGHT NOW and switch to production at any time.

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