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The Best Digital Signage Alternative to Yodeck

NoviSign is the expert’s go-to digital signage alternative to Yodeck. NoviSign is a pioneer among cloud-based digital signage systems because of its significant advantages, such as its drag-and-drop layout designer, quick start customizable templates and reliable, steady performance plus, we actually answer the phone when customers call!

Yodeck alternative


Digital Signage!

Anyone can design a pretty website and use fancy words with graphics, but when it comes down to the product, it needs to work! That means a user-friendly interface, simple setup, and most notably, a feature-loaded digital signage system that keeps running!


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Over 30+ drag-and-drop widgets, a comprehensive design studio, advanced playlist scheduling and a robust reports dashboard

Advanced Reporting

Track, manage, and run media statics reports, user audits, and set user controls levels


We natively support 14 languages

Super Easy

No server management, no complicated software installation, no IT headaches

Unlimited & Free Updates

All software updates are free; our engineers test them thoroughly before releasing them

Hardware Agnostic

We run on Android, Windows, ChromeOS, Tizen and webOS

Total Flexibility

Create from scratch, customize a template, or simply upload your slides to play!

Real Support

USA and EU-based support with phone, webinar, email, and complete online training support resources

Offline Cache + Touch Screen

Set-up interactive kiosks plus our system caches all content and plays even without internet connection!


What’s included with NoviSign?

The comprehensive list of available options here


Import CSV to create organized and clean tables


Create a real-time event and meetings board that sync with 0365 or XML


HTML: embed HTML into your content


Connect your Vistar or Adomni account with the content


Create a slideshow of videos, slides, images or text, adjust play order and set playtime

HD Photos

Edit, resize or rotate any image, logo, or background


Display via XML or API, pie charts, column charts, line charts and progress reports


Upload and play clips, commercials, or any other MP4 video


Pull media from any FTP site

Scrolling Ticker

Add announcements, sales, notifications, welcome messages, and any other message


Real-time countdown or up ticker – great for sales, events, and holiday countdowns


Virtual line management widget that is easy to set-up


Create interactive zones that when touched dynamically change


Current and future local and global weather with conditions, humidity, and visibility


Incorporate a social stream of your internal communications

RSS Feeds

Emergency, CNN, ESPN, Reuters, BBC, Stock, Health Facts, Weather Alerts, and more


Play a specific video or entire playlist of videos


In real-time stream any Ustream live channel or prerecorded video

Web Image

Add any image to content by using its image URL


Customize font styles, adjust size, change color, bold, italic, add an underline and more


Live time with the ability to choose the display format


Arrows, circles, oval, square, triangle, or line with the option to add color


Pulls and display your Instagram account posts or any selected user


Stream any account or a specific #Hashtag, user or user mention

Web Page

Incorporate any website, Google Calendars, or any other URL


Access from anywhere, at any time, to make edits and manage your content

Adjust Opacity

Set color opacity

Customizable Templates

Full library of templates; education, corporate communications, digital menus and more


Click and adjust any widget, image, or text blocks size

No Coding

No programming or HTML needed for adding or setting up widgets

Media Cloud Library

Upload from your desktop images, videos, slides, and other media

Customize Font

Customize style, sizes, orientation and color

Custom Color Picker

RGB HEX Editor for easy color matching


Add background color ``fill`` with exact color code, and picker or set fading color gradient

Design Shortcuts

Cut, copy, paste, or delete any component plus redo and undo changes


Assign admin right to review and edit any zone or widget

Drag and Drop Widgets

Choose from over 20+ widgets; news, weathers, images, slides, videos and more!

Aspect Ratio

Set the content ratio to your preferred setting

Visual Layers

Bring forward or back any layer

Free Form Canvas

Create content from scratch. Adjust, reposition, and resize layer components or widgets


Add a border around any widget and custom set border color and thickness


View a live example of the content that your making

Full File Support


Playlist Order

Drag and drop your playlists sequence to create the perfect play order of content


Make a duplicate copy of a playlist that you have created already


Pre-assign a specific playlist to play once then expire

Single Update

Send playlist to a single player

Immediate Updates

Players are updated within 2 minutes of updating a playlist

Name & Description

Keep your playlists organized by giving all playlists a name and description


Pre-define specific playlists to repeat play on a defined day and time


Preview the entire playlist of your content before sending it to your display(s)

Group Update

Send the same playlist to multiple players all at once

Advanced Schedules

Preschedule content to instantly play on exact dates, time, and days

Play Duration

Set the playlists playtime by seconds or minutes

Play Forever

Set a series of playlists always to play and never expire

Local Cache

All media and text content store locally onto the player

Proof of Play

View by defined dates total number of media play, total play time, and media type play

User Audit

View all users and what playlist they uploaded at what time to what screen/device

Media Statistics

The report that lists media type, number of exposures, play time, and a total of the device is played on.

Player Status

See connectivity, time of recent update, device name, operating system, and player OS version

Screen Availability

Overview of all devices you have deployed, playlist time and current playlist playtime

Sanitizer Reports

Track dispenser usage and triggers refill reports

Quick Start Guide

Step by step on line training videos with written instructions.

Phone Support

Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Phone Support: 646-893-7770

User Manual

Downloadable user guide with detailed instructions and images.

Email Support

Virtual support Monday through Sunday with ticket system:

Online FAQ

Online questions and answers guide with one click answers.


10 file conversion a month (from pdf/word/excel/ppt to png), the conversion pool together ex: 5 licenses=50 conversion

Management Console

Create and manage your user accounts, storage, and permissions (more then 20 licenses)

File Upload Size

100 MB file size- per license, the upload size pools together, ex: 5 licenses=500 MB


500 MB total storage- per license (5 licenses=2.5 GB storage).


LG WebOs I Samsung Tizen I Philips Android Soc I Sharp Android Soc I Viewsonic Android Soc<br /> Sony Android Soc I Hisense Android Soc

User Reviews

Yodeck alternative

NoviSign is miles ahead of the competition with Yodeck

The software is intuitive and may be adapted to different settings. Signage flexibility is crucial, but many providers miss the mark by compromising on dependability. NoviSign has managed to do both and has simplified the process as well.

Most Effective Internal Business Communication Platform

All in all, it was a breeze to put up. The product was ready for use the minute I received it! As the team’s desktop manager, it’s my job to ensure everything is up to date, add new content, and eliminate the old. We started with one display and have since expanded to a suite of screens strategically across the office. Many businesses have found that this method of reaching out to staff has succeeded. Our crew is regularly thanked for their hard work, informed of upcoming events, and reminded of scheduled meetings and training. I doubt we’d be as productive if we didn’t have access to this fantastic resource.

We use NoviSign to manage over 200 screens!

We needed a way to power more than 200 door signs for our training rooms across the Asia Pacific region. Both the solution’s effectiveness and ease of management were crucial. NoviSign was selected after careful consideration of several alternatives. Each of our 10 sites can use this centralized system to manage daily sign changes, weekly schedule adjustments, efficient use of both tiny and large displays and more. The ability to quickly update, make adjustments, check the result on your PC, and know what will display on a sign without walking to each sign is also helpful. This is the best possible answer for us

17 Ways That You Can Use NoviSign

A simple and reliable alternative to Yodeck

  1. Display facility maps on wayfinding kiosks and digital directories can make them more useful.
  2. Internal communications, company news, updates and notifications can be shared on demand and in real-time.
  3. Show KPIs, data, charts, and goals to keep your staff aligned with goals.
  4. With one click, you can send emergency alerts to a single screen, a group of screens, or all of your screens.
  5. Upsell services, advertise sales and promote products.
  6. Provide guests with information about your business and a list of upcoming events.
  7. Add virtual queues with mobile alerts to make wait times seem shorter.
  8. Sync your Outlook and Google calendars so that events and schedules will show up automatically.
  9. Greet your guests with greetings and messages that are unique to them.
  10. Make the content of each screen fit the audience you want to see it.
  11. Include PowerPoints, JPEGs, MP4 videos and other common file types.
  12. Show different kinds of information in other parts of the screen, like news feeds, the weather, images, etc.
  13. Schedule specific alerts to play on certain days and times in advance.
  14. Make changes on-the-fly and send them to the screen right away.
  15. You can quickly start from scratch or modify content from templates.
  16. Add real-time feeds from Instagram and Twitter.
  17. Send the right message to the right person at the right time on any screen.
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NoviSign supports Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Samsung Tizen and LG webOS. You can start using it RIGHT NOW and switch to production at any time.