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NoviSign Now supports Sony Android Digital Signage

All Sony Android Displays can now run NoviSign’s app natively without the need for additional media players. In addition, you can now generate digital signage content with NoviSign and remotely update all Sony Android Digital Displays, from digital menu boards to setting up internal communication displays

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BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays BZ40H Series

Integrated System on Chip

The Sony Android SoC digital signage line is robust, versatile, and stable, with enriched media playback and execution

4K Resolutions are Breathtaking

Make an impression and capture attention with super-bright, crisp and clear ultra HD 4K resolutions that bring your video to life!

Update from any location

With NoviSign’s cloud-based digital signage platform, you can update the content being displayed from anywhere.

What are Sony Android Displays with SoC?

System on Chip AKA SoC is one of the fastest-growing commercial displays used for digital signage. SoC displays do away with the requirement for external media players, making installation quicker, faster and more efficient. The entire Sony series of Android displays are fully compatible with NoviSign’s digital signage software!

A Certified Track Record of Achievement

NoviSign is a pioneer in Android digital signage, with over 10,000 Android-based systems deployed and ten years of experience. NoviSign is a perfect choice for trustworthy cloud-based digital signage because Sony’s SoC line-up is Android-based.

Android Sony Digital Signs

Android TV from Sony​

Featuring Sony’s powerful 4K HDR Processor X1 produces immersive images that blend incredible color, contrast, clarity and motion.The display’s powerful built-in Android OS System on an SoC platform offers quick boot-up, as well as smooth programs, animations and a consistent user experience.

Setup is straightforward

Sony Android TV make digital signage deployment simple and efficient. You only need to buy your screen, attach it, and you’re done! Within seconds, you may start delivering content to your screen using the built-in SoC and NoviSign.

  • External hardware is kept to a minimum
  • Bezels that are slim and elegant
  • Installation is simple
  • Philips smart TV
  • Philips Q-Line TV
  • Philips Android
  • Philips P-Line TV

Setup is simple

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Download the NoviSign Android App

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Play Your Content

Log in to your account on NoviSign’s app and link your screen.

A sincere approach for effective digital signage

Sony Android TVs provide engaging media playback, opening up new possibilities for visual communication. Furthermore, Sony Android SoC displays combine high-level graphic performance with all-in-one system-on-chip capacities, resulting in the ideal blend of modernization and excellence.

Superior Graphics

Sony Android digital signs enable amazing video, ticker and other media playing with no lag in transitions or load time because of the integrated Android SoC.

Best Android TV Variety

Sony Android digital signage ranges from 32″ to big format 100″ displays, offering the broadest range of power and stability. Sony’s Android screens are widely recognized for their best-in-class execution and unrivaled versatility.

Control & Manage

You can create, edit, and manage all of the material displayed on any Sony Android display using NoviSign’s cloud-based digital signage platform.

Display any combination of the following:

  • Animations and menu boards
  • Announcements
  • Advertisements
  • HD photos and slideshows
  • YouTube and looping videos
  • Feeds from the news and social media
  • Ticker streams that scroll
  • Websites and weather forecasts
  • Employee communication is important.
  • Procedures for training
  • News and policies from around the world
  • Bulletins on health


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Sony Android

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