Hello new partner! As a partner you’ll be able to manage your users (create, edit, delete), create and manage advertising channels, monitor and generate reports for your users’ activity.

Please follow the procedure below. Our sales/support representatives are available for you to assist. Please send the information you need to send to support@novisign.com or to the representative you’re already in touch with.

1) Complete the information form and submit it online: https://www.novisign.com/partners/

2) Submit a payment via PayPal: contact us at info@novisign.com

3) In case you’d like to have an account with your brand, send us the following to set up your branded virtual server:
We need two logo images (PNG format, better with transparent background):
* Width: 88-120 pixels; Height: 44 pixels
* Width: 312 pixels; Height: 138 pixels

You will need to choose a subdomain at your site and direct it to our server.
For example, you can use ds.yourdomain.com. Once you define the subdomain, we will establish it on our server.

Please provide us, as well, with the links you like for:
a. Your website: _______________________
b. Contact us form: _____________________
c. Terms & conditions page: ______________

Your default language in your branded web editor will be: _________
Available languages in your branded web editor will be: ___________________________________

4) Please send us the name of a user in the NoviSign system you would like us to define as the administrator of your subdomain.

5) Please send us a list of all your existing users so we can associate them under your subdomain.

After we define your instance, your admin user will be able to add, edit, delete users and do much more.
Thank you for choosing NoviSign.