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Welcome! Thank you for choosing NoviSign. You have just joined over 12,000 organizations similar to your own, that are using NoviSign to design, edit and manage their digital signage content. This manual will walk you through the steps needed for you to create and manage your digital signage, by using the NoviSign online Studio.

NoviSign Online Studio

The NoviSign online Studio is a web-based full design studio that can be accessed from any computer, at any time. No technical or design skill are required to use the Studio.

With the NoviSign online Studio, you will be able to create media-rich digital signage content. By using the built-in drag-and-drop widgets; images, videos, vibrant slideshows, RSS feeds, scrolling text tickers, webpages, Facebook and Twitter feeds, YouTube streams, and much more, you will be able to create beautiful and dynamic digital signage content!

If you wish to access training materials of the good old Flex (Flash) based online Studio, please click here.

Customizable Templates

Included with your NoviSign Studio are fully customizable digital signage templates.Text, images, videos and other widgets in the template that can be edited, deleted, resized or moved. You can also add new drag & drop widgets to the layout. Templates for education, menus, live social walls, hotels, clinics&healthcare, corporate, retail, hospitality, spa &salons, internal communication are all included.

Advanced Scheduling, Admin Control,and Reporting

From one PC, you can broadcast your content, in minutes, to any number of screens and locations. Using the NoviSign online Studio,you will have the ability create your playlist content and then schedule it to play, by day, time, recurring times and setup a specific time for the content expire. You can also create sub-user accounts for location managers that grant limited or full access to editing or managing content.

Also, complete reports can be generated, that provide real-time data. The monitor feature: allows you to control the status of all media players (ON/OFF) and the last time new content was sent to display. Device performance report: this feature generates a list of how many times the content played, the user that manages the account,media player name, and the exposure time.Proof-of-play (media performance report): gives you a detailed list of all media assets that played, exposures, exposure time and player count.