NoviSign’s platform may be utilized to greatly improve DSF’s Board of Directors Electee Election Campaign, from delivering mission-critical campaign updates to promoting your candidate’s story.

NEW YORK, NY – NoviSign Digital Signage is providing free cloud-based digital signage software to all Digital Signage Federation Board of Director Electees. NoviSign’s cloud-based digital signage platform, which can be used by DSF Electees to remotely broadcast campaign materials to any number of displays wirelessly from anywhere, is ideal for broadcasting campaign communications, sharing Electee biographies and increasing voter participation.

When we heard about DSF’s Electee Election, we thought, why not use digital signage to help convey the news and updates?” NoviSign’s Chad Bogan stated. “As a result, we’ve decided to provide all DSF Electees free digital signage software to use.

Digital Signage Federation NoviSign

How Does it Work?

NoviSign is offering the following free to all DSF Electees for the Digital Signage Federation Board of Directors Electee Vote:

  • Free Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software
  • Free Digital Signage Software Licenses
  • Free Set-Up Support

DSF candidates can use NoviSign to design and set up their campaign messages. The drag-and-drop widgets can be used to add any combination of custom text campaign tickers, candidate informational slideshows, bios and videos. Furthermore, the campaign communication templates can be wirelessly distributed to any display and can be scheduled to play.

About NoviSign

NoviSign Digital Signage, the market leader in cloud-based digital signage, allows businesses of all sizes to remotely edit, update and control information displayed on any display, tablet or kiosk. NoviSign’s clients include Disney, Ikea, Dole, NASA, Nokia, Ferrari, and Papa John’s Pizza.

You can design aesthetically appealing digital signage with NoviSign’s full web-based digital signage software online Studio. With over 25 drag-and-drop widgets, you can easily create and manage interesting content.

Include live social media feeds and media-rich zones with, among other things, movies, RSS feeds, high-resolution images, scrolling text and meteorological data!