Recenly, NoviSign was reviewed by the B2B & finance Solutions website, FinancesOnline is a popular B2B software review platform. NoviSign was awarded 100% of user satisfaction, and two quality certificates: Rising Star award for 2017 and Great User Experience award for 2017.
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After social widgets, interactive content and integrating with external/3rd party vendors/devices, it is indeed time to tap on the shoulder and celebrate.

We are very proud that FinancesOnline experts appreciated the innovative approach of our team, alongside some of our most prominent features that merited NoviSign becoming an award-winning solution for the platform’s marketing software category.

According to the review team, NoviSign effectively leverages the power and the reach of internet to allow users to target the desired demographics accurately and on all devices and improves the outcome of their sales campaigns on a reasonable price. They praised the benefits commonly associated with our system, including quick and easy digital content management, improved conversion and engagement and of course the unique live broadcasting from social feeds. The fact that NoviSign doesn’t require coding skills for the user to design beautiful templates only confirmed their opinion about our system being very suitable for beginners and freelancers.

There is more to come in 2017 from NoviSign’s oven. Just wait and see what’s being cooking for this year… widgets, features and more.

Don’t forget to visit our “This is NoviSign” page. Here you can see many YouTube clips of us from the last 3 years.
Digital signage software is what we like to do  : – )

Thank you for the support.