AA Ceramics is one of the leading ceramics Vendor in the wealthy Sharon area at the center of Israel. This area contains large number of small hi-end settlements and towns from the highest socio-economic layer of Israel. The finest architects are building the finest houses and are always looking for ways to innovate and present the ‘new look’.

AA Ceramics has decided to use NoviSign’s digital Signage solution to present marketing information on the walls. It started from the obvious: Special prices, new arrivals, announcements and business relevant information.

AA Ceramics digital signage     AA Ceramics digital signage

AA Ceramics digital signage     AA Ceramics digital signage

But this is not the innovative part. NoviSign’s digital signage software platform allows innovative vendors to harness the digital signage social network live capabilities to present real life news from the relevant field. In our case, since AA ceramics is in close relations with large number of hi-end architects, the business decided to allow the architects to present real-life pictures and even videos of their usage of AA Ceramic’s products in houses that were designed by them. The architects saw the value immediately! Most of them connected with live feeds from their Instagram and professional Facebook accounts.

NoviSign’s vision for live, interactive, highly dynamic and ‘always relevant’ Digital Signage software together with AA Ceramic’s willingness to invest in new marketing platforms had established a new concept in the design world. Not only the customer can see the products in the store, he can see, as he enters the store, the most relevant, innovative usage of the products, as it was designed in real housing projects, by the top level of architects. This new concept created a new short circled echo system between the supplier, the architect and the customer. Customers appreciate the fact that what is presented on the digital signage screens is not some example of something that no one knows if it really looks that good on real designed home, but a reflection of a hard work and creativity of an architect, using the materials in the store he had just entered…

NoviSign digital signage and AA Ceramics – breaking the barriers between the store and your future home…