People like new shiny stuff…We also like the latest gadgets, as we do not like to feel as if we are using old technology. These rules apply to everything, from cars to clothes from stationary to electronic gadgets – and to Digital Signage. We all like the new trends: Android-based Digital Signage with the most advanced Digital Signage software and editing capabilities, and, most of all, the best and newest screens, all of them equipped with an HDMI connector.

But there is another world trend: recycling. And there is a most important business rule – keep your cost low! In Digital Signage, you can now simply and easily combine the two trends, without compromising Digital Signage campaign quality.  New connectors are popping up in the market that enable users, using HDMI, to connect Android Digital Signage players to VGA screens. We all understand that for a simple billboard one does not necessarily need HD quality. With this new connector, VGA screens are not useless junk but valid and valuable Digital Signage screens using the Android HDMI connector. This is a perfect solution for recycling, reusing old screens, saving on costs, and still enjoying high-end Android Digital Signage players.

As most of Android players come with HDMI or mini-HDMI connectors, by connecting the HDMI to VGA, you can use the VGA screens with the Android players. Just go online and order an HDMI to VGA connector in less than 8 USD and use your old screens or buy less expensive new ones.,

HDMI to VGA – Don’t throw away, recycle; don’t waste, save. Don’t compromise, use Android Digital Signage even on VGA screens.