At first glance, digital signage seems to be far away from the world of social Network, is it really so? Can digital Signage create and facilitate a social network?

The social Networks are part of our modern life. These networks exist for a decade, but in the last five years – If you are not there, you don’t exist. Whether you are single, looking for dating, or a small business looking for customers or even a large organization, trying to keep up with the ‘sign of the times’. Everyone is subscribed, most to more than one. I don’t think we can imagine our personal life without Twitter, Face book, Google+ or our professional life without LinkedIn.

What is so appealing in Social Networks? Many people believe it is the connection and the fact you can share moments, feelings, experiences, knowledge and basically – your life – with others, regardless to the physical distance. In that case digital Signage is not relevant, as it all revolves around the actual physical location. I believe Digital signage can surprise here…

The other aspect is the ability to meet new people… it is far less ‘scary’ than really approaching to someone from one hand, and on the other hand, if the click is there, the possibilities are endless if not, no real harm done. Is Digital signage relevant for this aspect of Social Networking? with Some imagination, the answer is Yes!

Imagine a country club, for families, like the one you and your family go to – Swimming, Tennis, Gym, Aerobics class. Kids activity, Birthdays, family’s gathering and so on. This club has digital Signage implemented. Few screens scattered around the premises. Apart from the immediate gain: Promotions of new activities/classes, Dynamic messages, sales and offerings, we can see added values, derived from the community and social networking concepts. Your 4 year old kid has birthday and his picture appears on the screens with greetings. Your 12 year old girl just won a medal in the Tennis tournament, guess what her smiling face is on the screen. Your next door neighbor is turning 40, he wants to invite everyone to a drink on Sunday afternoon at the pool, and wouldn’t you go? (Free drink, after all…)

Think of a bar, the Bar tender is choosing randomly (Well somehow it is always good looking women, but we have no proof of fault play) a visitor every hour, his/her face are on the screen and this person gets a free drink. In the football match recess, the winner you are all called to vote for the winning team (another free beer?). See where I’m going with this?

Digital Signage is not designed to be a networking platform, but with some imagination, it simply is. Digital signage is not the Classical Social Network you are used to, it is different, in many aspects for the best – It is combines social Networking with Physical location!

Social Networking and digital Signage – not completely strangers after all.