BrightSign BSN Cloud

The BrightSign Cloud AKA BrightSign BSN.Cloud consists of three clouds that runs on BrightSign OS 8.0. It is a cloud-based platform that allows for total cloud control and management for BrightSign. 

Control Cloud

The BrightSign Control Cloud is included with every BrightSign media player and allows for BrightSign media player control. In the Control Cloud, a tool called B-Deploy allows users to securely connect to BSN Cloud to set up a player or group of players remotely. Once the player is set up a remote diagnostic dashboard is available that offers player controls such as Factory Reset, Reboot with Crash Report, Software Updates and API calls.

  • Free service
  • Player activation
  • Player diagnostics
  • Remote player control



The BrightSign Management Cloud offers a complete set of player management tools. It collects and stores proof-of-play, performance over time and remote snapshot data. Email notifications can be set in case of player failure or network error. API calls are available for the BrightSign Management Cloud.

  • Fee based service
  • Performance over time
  • Reporting tool
  • Remote snapshots
  • Email notifications


Content Cloud

The BrightSign Content Cloud is how you create, schedule and publish digital signage content. This is where you have your media library, content feeds, presentation management, scheduling and content distribution tools.

  • Fee-based service
  • Media library
  • Content feeds
  • Presentation management
  • Schedules

BrightAuthor Connected

BrightSign BrightAuthor Connected is BrightSign’s user interface to BSN Cloud. It can be accessed from any URL. The BrighAuthor connected allows the ability to access the Control, Management and Content Cloud.



At the end of the day, BrightSign makes a phenomenal digital signage media player. BrightSign players are reliable, last forever and deliver smooth media playback. But when it comes down to it the success of your digital signage comes down to the quality of the content that is playing on the screen. The content its self is created and managed using a cloud-based digital signage software platform. Make sure you truly evaluate a digital signage software before making a decision.