I used to be a kid… well I know it is not unique, we all used to be kids. I have pretty good memories from this time. I remember I used to hate school, but now it suddenly looks from my over 40 view, like the nicest place. Funny enough, my kids also hate school and for some reason they tell me I don’t understand anything. Well, some things never change…
But some things do change and it is technology and the way we harness it to communicate to each other. Let’s continue with the school example – how can the school share information with its students? Especially since the usage of smartphones is not allowed (during school hours). I still remember the billboard at my school. I believe this is not the preferred technology these days.

Digital signage for schools is a basic usage of Digital Signage Technology to communicate with the kids (and teachers!) at school. Digital Signage at school, placed in high visibility spot, can allow the management to share information like: birthdays greetings, special messages, pictures or short video clips from the class trip, quote of the day, ‘today before…’, relevant time tables, notifications and even entertainment content (Infotainment).
School digital signage information screen
From the educational perspective, the content of this digital signage platform, serving as information screen for school can be managed by a committee of students (like the school paper), approved by a teacher (to avoid abuse).

Some latest technology such as SSI (Screen-Smart Device Interface) allows even more creative engagement. The ability to impact the content on the screen, using smart phone (after official school hours!) allows the school management to interact with the students in all sorts of creative ways (polls, trivia, educational games, etc.).

School digital signage is an elementary way to communicate with people, even if they are just in elementary school.