Amusement Park Digital Signage

Digital Signage for Amusement Parks

Screens at entrances sharing daily ticket promotions to digital menu boards at food stand, amusement park digital signage can be used to improve day-to-day communications and marketing. Digital Signage for Amusement Parks is also a great way to emphasize your brand consistently across all mediums. From colors to the font, you have complete control when using digital signage!


A Remarkably Better Way to Advertise

New park promotions, session pass specials and food and concessions sales are all examples of how and why you need digital signage for amusement parks. Eliminate the need for costly printed signs while improving the way you visually market and share information. Amusement park digital signage is the smart solution for:

  • Promoting new rides and attractions
  • Sharing upcoming event specials
  • Upselling group packages and ticket sales
  • Providing park wayfinding directions and maps
  • Enhances the way you advertise
  • Emergency evacuation maps and messages

Amusement park digital signage

Create Customer Loyalty by Improving Experiences

Use amusement park digital signage as a form of entertainment. By providing park guests with the useful and engaging information, you will reduce perceived wait times while making it easier for guests to access on-demand notifications. From digital signage mounted in ride wait lines to displays at customer service booth, digital signage for amusement parks can be used to:

  • Provide HD “You are Here” maps
  • Attraction videos and information
  • New rollercoaster announcements
  • Upcoming special event and festivals
  • Show ride safety and height requirements
  • Display park “Things to Do” lists

Increase Concession and Ticket Sales

Improve your revenue by raising your average customer transaction dollar amount.

An example of this is Concession Stand sales. Let’s you have several screens mounted at your stand. On the screen you have a series of short add-on advertisements; add an XL Large Soda for only 1.99. Because your concession stand has a short wait line, customers will have full visibility of your screens. By adding specials to your amusement parks digital signage screen, you can quickly and quickly drive sales with digital signage for amusement parks.

  • Add digital menu boards to highlight food specials
  • Upsell exclusive dining passes and program
  • Highlight session pass benefits and deals
  • Promote “Skip the Line” passes

Efficient and Intuitive

Digital Signage for Amusement Parks is a reliable option for amusements parks that are looking to streamline their ability to share information. To deploy digital signage for amusement parks all you need is an internet connection, TV’s, media players and a single web-based digital signage software to manage your amusement parks digital signage. Good software needs to include:

  • Easy-to-use with multi-user control
  • Drag-and-drop widgets for quick content design
  • Template scheduling for weekly automatic updates
  • Remote monitoring of screens

NoviSign for Amusement Park Digital Signage

NoviSign provides an all-in-one solution for digital signage software. This means from any computer, at any time you can easily create, edit and manage your amusement parks digital signage. From adding drag-and-drop multi-media slideshows of advertisements, promotions and other messaging to displaying live and engaging live social media stream you can use NoviSign to control your amusement parks digital signage screens!

Why NoviSign?

We believe digital signage needs to be easy-to-use yet powerful. Because of this belief NoviSign powers over 20,000 screens across 5 continents.