Since the beginning, 3 years ago, the Android Mini PC trend has not stopped from evolving. We, at NoviSign, can’t say we are surprised, as we Identified Android as the next OS for digital signage and Android devices as the growth engine for this industry. At the beginning it was a simple and basic (and yes, sometimes highly unstable…): MK802 – single CPU. The next stage was the much more robust MK808. That could actually hold a basic signage campaign, including text, images, and minimal usage of video.

One ‘generation’ later we could have seen the new MK series, with dual core CPU, followed by MK908 with quad core CPU. At this stage, we at NoviSign felt comfortable to recommend the device to be used as digital signage player, without losing sleep or worrying that the device will simply stop working after few hours. The Combination of lean programming on native Android, stronger and much more stable MK series, monitoring tools used by system Integrators and ‘Watch Dog’ tools implemented by NoviSign has introduced a great solution to the digital signage for SMBs, bringing high value, reasonable cost to SMBs that could only envy larger businesses that implemented digital signage and built their own network.

We at NoviSign are never tired from testing and evaluating new Android devices, making sure our Android digital signage players run smoothly and provide new value to our customers and business partners.

As always, the market keeps releasing new devices. We are currently evaluating two new additions to the MK family:

MK813 Android 4.2 Quad Core Google TV Player w/ 2GB ROM, 8GB RAM, 2.0MP CAM – A relatively strong and stable device, with a special new addition – camera! The camera can be embedded as a widget in the digital signage campaign. The possibilities are endless and we’ll leave it to our customers/partners to use their imagination. Well… maybe we can tease you with one – imagine if you can count the people that are passing by your sign? Maybe even more than that – count the number of people that stopped/looked at the sign! This would turn the digital Signage market to a measurable advertising tool.

MK820 Android 4.2 A20 Dual Core 1GB/4GB Mini PC Android TV Box with WiFi /RJ45-port /HDMI /USB /SD Slot – A standard low cost device with one important addition – RJ45 Port! Many customers complained that the Wi-Fi is not stable enough and causes delays in digital signage online updates. The demand for physical network connections increases in businesses with security sensitivity (i.e. banks). This new device solves exactly this problem!

NoviSign will publish the results of the tests on its website ( NoviSign is calling any Android user that is evaluating these devices to try out NoviSign app and report to us – we are doing everything in our power to provide the best Android based digital Signage app.