Digital Signage in Malls concept will probably not win the ‘idea of the year’ contest, as it is here, successfully implement in many malls for several years.

Digital Signage brings immediate Return on Investment, both to the mall management and the Shops in the mall. the ‘natural’ tension between the Shops and mall management is usually, after closing the rent rates, is what are you, the mall management going to do for me, the shop owner? are you going to help me promote my business? Marketing? In some Malls the motivation of the mall management is even higher as the business engagement with shop owners is based on percentage from the revenue, so the motivation from the mall management side to invest in digital Signage is even higher.

Digital Signage based on the new SaaS Platforms can bring the malls even greater benefit, as the systems become more ‘open’ and more interactive. Currently, the mall management must assign an employee to get the marketing and advertisements from the stores and businesses in the mall, and locate them, using connectivity or in more primitive solution, manually (using disk on key or similar solution) on the right screen. Why wouldn’t the mall let the shops ‘fight’ over the screens and bid for the main resource – Screen air time?

Imagine a mall that located number of screens – Food Court, Lobby, Elevator or Escalator, Shopping areas and even the Parking lot (Usually neglected area …), and the allow the Shop owners to bid for the ads and promotions they want to ‘buy’ on the Digital Signage deployed, on a specific set or even all the screens. This concept can be used for cooperation between the businesses an bring additional value using Digital Signage.

Digital Signage in malls – do Mall for less.