Digital signage for pharmacies

Pharmacy digital signage is one of the most effective and dynamic forms of visual communications. All that you need is a TV, media player and digital signage software. From any computer, at any time you will be able to remotely control, update and manage your pharmacy’s digital signage. Using digital signage for pharmacies, you will be to improve the way you communicate with employees to sending targeted messages to customers.

  • Promote healthy living tips 
  • Reduce perceived wait times
  • Share new prescription information
  • Advertise loyalty and rewards programs
  • Stream FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter feeds

Improve experiences and your bottom line

Use digital signage for pharmacies to display any sequence of customer enhancing notifications that deliver value. This could be general information about a new prescription drug or treatment tips about seasonal colds. When it comes down to it, you can use pharmacy digital signage to display virtually any form of communications; scrolling tickers, lively graphics, media slideshows, HD videos, health RSS feeds and more.

Pharmacies can use digital signage:

  • Improve branding with the use of your company logo and colors
  • Save money on printing new store signage
  • Increase sales by spotlighting weekly product specials and sales
  • Add digital signage in breakrooms displaying internal communications

Build value by promoting your services

Because you have a captive audience that is waiting for their prescription, you can use pharmacy digital signage to better reach and interact with your customers. With digital signage for pharmacies, you can gain a competitive edge by making spotlighting your full list services. 

  • Advertise same-day prescription home delivery 
  • Competitive pricing and price match programs
  • Diabetic screening services
  • Free pharmacist consulting 

About NoviSign

NoviSign offers cloud-based digital signage software. The system comes with a complete library of customizable templates that you can use to quickly create digital signage content with. Using the drag-and-drag widgets, you can add create multi-zone layouts that feature slideshows, customer scrolling text tickers, weather feeds, commercials and more!

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