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Wall of Fame touch screen digital signage is a fun and innovative way to recognize your school’s sports success, players and championship teams. An effective system features a clean and straightforward layout that is clutter-free and straight forward.  

Wall of fame touch screen display examples

Featuring several buttons on the touch screens home page such as Championship Teams and Wall of Fame Inductees would be an excellent example of what you could display on a hall of fame touch screen display. When either one of the buttons would be selected, the page could be set to transition to a sub-page of additional information.

For example, if the Championship Teams button was selected, the page could switch to a timeline of dates that are organized by the sport type. When a year would be chosen, it would transition to that year’s specific team. A team season overview, record, accomplishments, videos and images could be listed.

For the hall of fame inductees section, you could organize that as well by year and sport. When a year or sport would be selected, a list of that year’s inductees could generate. All of that year’s inductees could be listed by alphabetical order with the option to choose to learn more. When the inductee has been selected, a biography, accomplishments, video highlights, images and other media could be displayed.

How to outline your ideas?

Creating a well designed and practical hall of fame touch screen display comes down to planning and clearly outlining what you’re looking to accomplish.

Start with listing out a high-level chart of what you want to display and the sub-categories that would be included in each section. This will give you a nice wireframe of content and where each section belongs. Once you have everything listed, you can begin compiling the images, videos, text, biographies and other media required for each section.

About NoviSign

At NoviSign, we offer a cloud-based digital signage software platform that will allow you to design and manage your touch screen wall of way fame content with. 

If you’re not sure about the design or set-up side of things, NoviSign offers custom content design services that makes the getting started process easy.

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