In the past few years we have witnessed digital signage entering larger areas of our life. It has been successfully implement in large companies and public venues such as large shopping malls, transportation hubs, universities, banks and so on. Recently we can spot the Digital Signage is penetrating smaller businesses like Bars and Coffee shops, Shops and retail, and even Schools and Kinder gardens. The impact of Digital Signage on Small and Medium Businesses and their customers is tangible and positive for both sides, bringing the communications with customers and flexibility of offering to a new level.

Digital Signage for Healthcare is not a new innovation. Digital Signage for Health care introduced to this industry at the very first stages of Digital Signage, but it was implemented mainly on the large facilities (Hospitals, large clinics), or ‘Ultra Fancy’ Clinics (mainly in the beauty industry). The Digital Signage was used mainly for information, directions, and in ‘innovative’ implementations for ‘queue management’.

Joining to the trends mentioned in the first paragraph, we can see the affect on Digital Signage for Healthcare, as it is changing its face as well and bringing Digital Signage for Healthcare to a new level, not only the big and or the very fancy facilities, but it is no longer a surprise to See Digital Signage for Healthcare implemented in local and small Clinics, from Dentists, Family Doctors, specialists, optometrists, and so on.

These Small clinics have discovered the Digital Signage for Healthcare just recently mainly due to the fact the prices of Digital Signage had gone down, and in addition the simplicity of Modern Digital Signage Software (mainly SaaS) were introduced to the market. The Doctors and mainly heir customers (Patients …) gain from two aspects, the fist and the obvious is the communication with the patients waiting in the hall. The second is more complicated, but once you think of it, very much obvious.

Imagine a Pharmaceutical Company, or any specialist or manufacturer (Like insoles technician, Hearing aid specialist, etc’). These businesses can publish themselves on ‘open internet’, try to aim to the right sites and audience, they can always publish on TV… it’ll be viewed by thousands, maybe more, but how relevant will it be? One targeted ad of insole technician in an orthopedic clinic, or a 10% discount in the next block pharmacy near the Pediatrician, will cost much less, and pinpoint to the relevant audience. Imagine the lotion your Dermatologist just Prescribed is available at a discount for his patients, a walking distance away. These kind of Services brings even extra value to the customers/Patients, and maximizes the advantage of Digital Signage for Healthcare for Local-to-Local business and service.

Make a healthy choice – Implement Digital Signage for Healthcare