NoviSign software is cooperating with Signage IoT (RFID readers) to bring cost effective sensors that work seamless with signage. Internet of Things is sensors, RFID reader and tags and much much more. In this post, we would like to bring to your attention a new RFID reader which costs not more than 200 USD.

NoviSign already made integration between the digital signage software (on Android or Chrome OS devices) and USB RFID readers. Now, we have found an affordable RFID reader (!), sold by SignageIoT.

The integration between the digital signage app and the RFID reader can be used in several use cases. Here are 2:

RFID reader IoTA) Product information by chip/tag attached to each product on the shelf.
Putting the product on the reader, will trigger a signage slide that:
– Can share specific vital information of the product.
– Can offer other related products.
– Shows safety instructions and more.

B) Employee card – at the entrance of the building.
Attaching the employee card to the reader, will trigger a signage slide that:
– Can greet the employee for his birthday and holidays.
– Shows the employee task statuses.
– Brings to the screen inter-organizational communication.

Here is a video demonstrating 2 use cases of combining RFID reader by SignageIoT and an Android TV box running NoviSign digital signage software:

Go get your RFID reader!