Learn how to create a shared link from your CSV file in your Google account.

Create an event file in Google Sheets, share your CSV file with your events, and broadcast it on the big screen with the Calendar widget.
This can be used as source for the calendar widget (custom calendar) or for displaying a Google spreadsheet within a webpage widget.

  1. Open your Google Drive.
  2. Sign in to your Google account.
    Google Drive
  3. Open or create a sheet document.
    Google sheet
  4. In the Sheet file go to the menu: File – Share – Publish to web.
  5. In the opened window select the Link tab.
    In the Tab select in the drop-down, what you want to link:

    • Entire document
    • Sheet

    In the next field change from Web page to Comma separated values (.csv)
    and the press Publish
    Publish to web

  6. In the window please copy the generated Link
    Generated link