Anyone who ever used Android TV box or SoC (smart TV) already knows that when one uses the Android virtual keyboard, in most cases it takes at least half (the bottom half) of the display. Something, which might be a pain in case you need to see a webform or some other place which you’re typing into, but the soft keyboard hides part of it.

So, what to do? The regular soft keyboard cannot be resized. However, some apps allow you to do that. One of them is called “Minuum”.
You can find this app in the Google Play store, here:
Minuum KeyboardYou need to install the app on your device. Once you have it installed, open the app (the icon called “Minuum Settings”), then click on “Size & Position” option and search for the setting called “Full Keyboard Height”. Change that setting according your desire. This will change the height of the keyboard frame.
Last thing is that you need to set the Minuum Keyboard to be default keyboard set under the “Language & input” menu, in the Android settings of the device.

That will do the magic.