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This technical post will show you how to use the new enhanced scheduling feature in order to have better scheduling options (schedule a creative within a playlist or schedule a playlist within a screen).

  1. While in edit mode of a playlist or screen content, click on the calendar icon (also looks like datetime picker), when you hover the mouse cursor on the creative or the playlist thumbnail.
    Scheduling step-1

    Playlist thumbnail

    Scheduling step-2

    Creative thumbnail


  2. The Schedule Summary window will be opened. Here you can manage all your schedules. In the window, click on Add Schedule.

    Scheduling step-3

  3. A window with Set Creative Schedule title will be opened. Under the play date, you have the flexibility to set custom days and hours.
    Scheduling step-4
  4. After finishing with the schedule configuration, press the Add Schedule button.
  5. You can see the added schedule in the Scheduling Summary.
    Scheduling step-5