Web Studio Editor Version 3.1.3-2

  • Folders for creatives.
  • Added volume control property for videos.
  • Bug fixes.

The creative folders:

Now, you can create a folder tree in your creative page, so you can sort all your creatives to different folders – what makes life easier. In the creative page, while in thumbnail view, right-click anywhere between the creatives and a popup menu will appear. In the popup menu, you have a new option: “Create new folder”. Click it and a new folder will be created. It will be named “New Folder”. You change its name by marking it, clicking the “Edit” button, changing the folder name and clicking the “Update” button.

Digital Signage Studio Web Editor with folders








You can also create sub folders, not only root folders. The path (where you are) will be displayed on top and will be clickable (for shorter navigation). You can move items between folders by dragging them into the folder you want. A folder with an up arrow means going up one level in the folders tree: if you click it, you’ll go one folder up; if you drag a creative into it, the creative will be moved one folder up.

Digital Signage Studio Web Editor with folders








Good to know: When you sort the creative page according the name, the folders will always appear first. When you add a new simple or blended creative it will appear under the folder where you were at the time of adding it.

Please notice that now when you add creatives to a playlist, on the creative bar on top (where you drag the creatives from to the main frame of the playlist) you’ll see the the folder tree as well (so clicking folder there will behave the same way it behaves while you’re in the create page and will allow you navigating).