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NoviSign Digital Signage Aids a Local Cat Adoption and Rescue Center in Japan with Visitor Outreach & Engagement

A pet rescue group, Tokyo Cat Guardian, uses digital signage to get the word out about adopting cats

animal shelter digital signage

About Tokoyo Cat Guardian

Tokyo Cat Guardian (TCG) is a non-profit pet rescue organization that at any time takes care of up to 8,000 cats at a time. TCG works with the local Tokyo government and accepts cats from public health and animal welfare centers. Once received, TCG safely houses and feeds the cats while preparing them to partake in the adoption process.

The Challenge

Before Digital Signage, there was no central place where people could find out about cats that were up for adoption or where they could give money. Also, getting people to donate money to the program was challenging. So, Tokoyo Cat Guardian (TCG) wanted to use digital signage to improve how its facility talked to visitors.

TCG wanted to put screens in high-traffic areas of their facility so they could share information about their organization with families. So they put helpful slideshows, videos, scrolling tickers, and messages about how to donate on the screens.

The Solution

NoviSign’s cloud-based digital signage software was used to set up and remotely send TCG’s most important notifications and messages to their screens. First, TCG set up the layout they wanted to show on the screen by dragging and dropping widgets. Then, when TCG wanted to send new notifications to the screens, they would log in to their account and make changes. As a result, their screens will change in a few minutes.

The Results

When TCG started using Digital Signage, they saw that many people were interested in what was on the screen. For example, they wanted more specific information about how to give money and care for cats. Also, they could provide important information when needed most while waiting.

People can come to the shelter cat cafe on the weekends to hang out with the cats there. But because of Covid-19 and to keep the cats from getting too stressed, they only let a certain number of people in at once. So, while customers are waiting, TCG can show them information to keep them from getting bored and teach them something.

About NoviSignAnimal Digital Signage

NoviSign has a proven track record of helping partners sell and deploy dynamic visual communication solutions. It has over 50,000 installations around the world on five continents. Disney, Dole, Home Depot, Nokia, Ferrari, Papa John’s Pizza and many more are among their clients.

NoviSign lets you create, deploy and manage a complete digital signage solution, including training and full support. NoviSign’s platform is easy-to-use, scalable and based in the cloud. In addition, it has a drag-and-drop web-based design Studio, RFID integrations and fun and engaging digital signage social walls.

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