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Cellphone Charging Kiosks Case Study

New 4K Cell Phone Charging Kiosks Ignite the Way Cellphones are Securely Charged, Creating a New and Innovative Way to Advertise

Cellphone Charging KiosksToday, 9 out of 10 Americans own a cellphone. The average American adult spends 2 hours and 51 minutes a day on their cellphone. That is approximately 86 hours a month! With Americans being ever more connected to their phones, apps and text messages, the need to stay fully charged is ever more critical. Learn how Power Portals are offering cell phone charging kiosks to provide the public with a safe and secure way to charge their cell phones for FREE.

Because everyone owns a cellphone charger and does not want to pay someone to charge their phone, charging money to charge up your cell phone will not work. To make money and offer free cellphone charging, Power Portal’s decided take advantage of their captive audience and sell advertising spots on their kiosks 42” 4K screens.

The Challenge

Power Portal’s wanted a robust and reliable platform to create, efficiently edit and manage their advertisements. They wanted for the solution to be easy to use and flexible. Power Portals evaluated over 5+ well known digital signage software companies.

The Solution

After completing a 45 day pilot of various digital signage software vendors, the choice to use NoviSign’s Digital Signage Software for managing their advertising network of kiosks was clear.
Using NoviSign’s cloud-based digital signage software, Power Portals easily and quickly created an eye-catching advertisement layout that featured a series of 4K HD ads, custom scrolling tickers and social media widgets. Once the layout was created, Power Portals then preset the exact play rotation and the play duration of each advertisement. All changes and updates to the screen layout and schedules were done with NoviSign’s web-based signage software using a computer or laptop.
In addition to NoviSign’s easy-to-use digital signage solution, Power Portals can provide their advertisers with monthly proof-of-play and media statistics reports. This valuable data is accessible in NoviSign monitoring and reports dashboard. Within the dashboard, Power Portals can instantly view the kiosk status, time of most recent update, run detailed media-play statistics and proof-of-play reports that feature file type, name, number of exposures, total ad play time and the number of kiosks it was viewed on. Using these reports, Power Portals can provide their advertisers with clear and concise data regarding their client’s advertisement.

The Results

Power Portal’s CellPhone Charging Kiosks were used at 2018’s NCAA March Madness tournament in Wichita, Kansas. In conjunction with being featured at the tournament, Power Portal kiosks were deployed at Emerson Biggins Sports Bar & Grill. Power Portals was also July 27th – 28th for the Dam Music Fest in El Dorado, Kansas. This event is once Kansas most popular music festivals and will be featuring live performances from Toby Keith, Brantley Gilbert, Jamey Johnson, Aaron Lewis, The Cadillac Three, High Valley, Waterloo Revival and more.


“When it came to which advertising platform we would use, we wanted to choose a company that had a strong customer support team & a platform that was designed for advertising. We interviewed a variety of digital signage software companies for this purpose, but NoviSign was a natural choice. We are excited to be working with them. Their team has helped us along the way making everything much easier during a busy time building our company. Novisign’s digital signage software is the perfect signage software solution for putting our advertisements on the screens of our Power Portals kiosk. Making the templates, uploading files, adjusting layouts and managing our ads is straightforward with NoviSign.

Having the knowledge & trust knowing we can accomplish our goals, especially having NoviSign to rotate monthly advertisements. Thank you NoviSign!”
– Steven Roseberry, managing partner at Power Portals

About Power Portals

Power Portals makes the entire process of charging your cellphone away from home safe & easy. With Power Portal cellphone kiosks there is no worrying about your phone being stolen and dying. In doing so, their 4k screens allow our business clients to truly “connect” with the public, being their core customer base, in the easiest of ways, saving their day, by allowing them to charge their phone while away from home.

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