NoviSign’s kiosk is hardware agnostic. With NoviSign you can choose your favorite hardware vendor with your favorite OS platform (either Chrome OS, Android or Windows) and the display size to establish your kiosk.

The new way of having a kiosk is not like using the webpage widget as an interactive kiosk (as we did before). It is by using the touch popup window or triggering 3rd party app. Please also notice, if you like see our new kiosk mode without any code and HTML (using the new touch widget, that doesn’t require the signage device to be online), please visit this page.

If a person touches the screen we can either:
1) Start interactive activity (call an online webview by URL).
2) Trigger an APK (in Android) or EXE (in Windows).
In each case, after some defined inactivity time, the device will revert to the signage playlist.

A nice live example for this is the integration we did with Spreo way finding app, see this post.

Easy and simple.