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Hilton Hotel Customer Case Study

Luxury Hotel Brand Hilton Deploys Uses Digital Signage Property-Wide to Provide Guests with Next Level Guest Experiences

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Digital signage at Hilton hotel

Located in the heart of Eilat, the Queen of Sheba Hotel is the Mediterranean’s symbol of elegance, beauty, and royalty. Centrally located along the shore of the red sea and overlook the Edom Mountains and Eilat Lagoon, the property features 481 premium guest rooms, 8 conference centers and an internal shopping mall at the property.

With a primary focus on providing world-class customer experiences, the company wanted to implement a modern style of visual communications that was engaging and informative.
The Queen of Sheba Hotel turned to NoviSign for a digital signage software that would enable them to broadcast critical daily notifications, time-sensitive news, conference information and other guest-centric information.

The ChallengeHotel digital signage Hilton

Because of the properties size and schedule of ever-changing daily activities and hosted meetings, the Queen of Sheba Hotel was required that the system be web-based, user-friendly, scalable and supported multi-user account management. The company did not want multiple systems to manage their properties displays and kiosks content, but rather a single cloud-based platform to manage their entire properties digital signage network.

The Solution

At first, The Queen of Sheba Hotel did a small pilot program of NoviSign’s Digital Signage Software and deployed a series of freestanding kiosks at crucial lobby vocal points. The kiosk’s content was managed by the front desk and consisted of guest welcoming messages and videos, wayfinding directions, customized text tickers and daily event listings. After 90 days of testing, and a series of executive reviews, Hilton’s management chose to expand. They added NoviSign to all 481 of their guest room TVs. By connecting the NoviSign player to the hotel TV switchboard, the Hilton was able to quickly advertise hotel services such as the spa, area tourism activities, promote on-premise dining and more.

The Hilton’s front desk management team and marketing department were given admin rights to remotely manage every component of the properties digital signs, while also being able to create multiple-sub user accounts for their staff. This extra layer of convenience eliminated the need for Hilton’s IT department from having to be involved in the day to day management and support of their digital signage network.

The ResultsSignage totem at Hilton hotel

Today, the Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba Hotel relies on NoviSign to power their entire properties digital signage: from the kiosks in there lobby greeting guests, to wall mounted conference room signs featuring daily meeting listings, to in-room guest communications.


“We did not have any signage solution before NoviSign,” said Avishay Siton, Information Systems Manager at the Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba Hotel. “NoviSign’s system is very user-friendly and stable, that is why we installed it in the reception and also in all the bedrooms in the hotel. We started to use the software as a pilot project and had great success. We are very satisfied with NoviSign’s system, the assistance receive from their support team; it is the best value for our money.”

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