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German Grocery Store Chain Nah & Frisch Case Study

From the double-sided ceiling-hung screens to sleek and thin retail shelf screens, learn how Nah & Frisch uses grocery store digital signage.

Digital shelf

The Challenge

At Nah & Frisch (N&F), printed paper price labels and shelf signage are updated, printed and then manually replaced by employees. This time-consuming process removes employees from completing more relevant tasks. Because of this tedious process, N&F searched for a more efficient strategy to manage their printed signage for promotions and pricing. 

Digital soft label

The Solution – the next generation of shelf labels!

NoviSign developed a smart solution for pricing, information and marketing on the shelves. An effective solution to manage price changes, campaigns and coupons synchronized with POS systems through NoviSign special cloud platform and to eliminate the use of paper stickers. A large 65″ Philips display was installed in the cooler department to complete their grocery store signage, displaying new promotions and sales.

The Nah & Frisch Solution

N&F came across NoviSign and their cloud-based grocery store digital signage software. Using the signage software, N&F could transform their printed signs into engaging and impactful digital ones!
As a result, N&F installed (15) 23″ comprehensive retail shelf pricing and promotions screens. As a result, display screens on the retail shelf were live and accurate product prices and descriptions. To update the screens information, N&F now logs into NoviSign software, makes an update then hits save. Within seconds the shelf screens update!
In addition, 500 NIT ultra-bright, double-sided displays were installed, hanging from the ceiling, showing visually striking videos with weekly sale listings of fresh fruits and vegetables. 
A large 65″ Philips display was installed in the cooler department to complete their grocery store signage, displaying new promotions and sales.

Digital sign
Shelf edge display
Retail digital signage screen

NoviSign’s solution is based on advanced technology which integrates between software and service. The solution includes an Android application player that is installed over the shelf screens and displays and a player that synchronizes with NoviSign’s CMS (content management system) for downloading content.

The NoviSign player pulls the labels’ data from a pricing server and the matching is done by assigning a unique ID from the system to each shelf display. Then labels are assigned to the shelf display by associating the barcode of the product to the on-screen label using the NoviSign Studio CMS or mobile app.

Digital Shelf Labels Creator Studio

The Results

After installing the retail shelf display screens, N&F saw an immediate impact on time savings, efficiency and accuracy. Because the shelf screens update in real-time, employees now don’t have to update, re-print manually, and install labels of their products. In addition, the N&F management team can run daily flash specials on products. This new level of grocery store marketing makes it easier for N&F to drive targeted product sales more accessible and faster.

From the shoppers’ point of view, the new screens offered N&F a direct channel to improve engagement with their customers. This engagement upgrades the shoppers’ experience in the store on many levels. An example is the retail pricing shelf labels; by going digital, N&F can offer authentic products and information such as ingredients, nutritional value, price per unit conversion and expiry date. 

Supermarket digital signage
Grocery digital signage
Retail signage


“They were thrilled about NoviSign installing the solution in a very professional and effective way without any disturbing impact on their daily business. They appreciate the modern and attractive design and the additional attraction to their customers for a real 21st Century Shopping Experience.”

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